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Lou Harvey...We\'re going for it.

Lou Harvey: Aside from anything else, an exciting time...

Published: 31st Oct 2017
Author: Lou Harvey; proprietor; Lou Harvey - accessories manufacturer
Durban, SA - We were down (between 5 and 10%) but we are gaining traction and will possibly beat last year's figures due to our annual sales and new ranges being launched.
Factors affecting our trading? Thieving staff!!!  The economy and the UNIONS.... 
The thieves are being dealt with!!
The unions don’t and won’t get it. We could employ probably 20 more machinists but the restrictions are ridiculous. Our forecast: We're going for it!!! Not being held back one bit. We are adding new items to my range to add more depth.
I think it’s an exciting time. - +27 (0)31 100 0099,,
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