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Pam Rabikissoon...Service is lacking in our industry.

Master Movers: Clients hoping for year-end surge

Published: 31st Oct 2017
Author: Pam Rabikissoon; Durban branch manager; Master Movers (Pty) Ltd - logistics
Pinetown, SA - Turnover is definitely down by at least 18%.
The factors affecting us are fuel costs, new trucking companies cutting prices to find a foot in the industry, and the slow economy.
We're holding onto old clients by not increasing prices and giving the best service, which is sadly lacking in our industry.
Forecasting is difficult. Our footwear clients says that it is really a slow year end, and they are all hoping that there will be huge influx of orders towards the end of November. This will boost transport requirements. If winter is anything like this year was, then I would say there is little hope of being busy.
Let’s stay positive and hope this economy gets out of the slump. - +27 (0)31 700 8380,,
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