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Main Group Technologies to emphasise energy saving at Simac 2018

Published: 16th Feb 2018

Santa Maria di Sala, Italy, January 16 - Main Group Technologies,  which now belongs to the Atom group, will show innovations aimed at energy saving at Simac.

"We look to the future in full awareness of the fact that the footwear production will be increasingly oriented towards automated processes and interconnected machines,” Mariano Bonato, chairman of Main Group Technologies, explains. “I believe that the market will pay a greater attention to sustainability and energy saving solutions. Thanks to our in-house research department, we are able to meet these new needs: for example, we have developed energy saving systems similar to the "start and stop" solutions implemented in cars, whose engine is activated only when required."
Furthermore, Main Group Technologies has also introduced several measures intended to increase the efficiency and productivity of the machines, such as the patented Twin Injector system and other patent pending solutions. In particular, the new Twin Injector mechanism features two injection heads which alternate at high speed and in perfect synergy with the rotation of the machine, thus ensuring the optimal management of the colour change as well as of the PU density: therefore, these two operations can be carried out without interrupting the production cycle, with a 15% increase in the overall equipment effectiveness.
Nowadays, flexibility and the ability to quickly address the market demands are two crucial factors for the production of footwear: on this basis, Main Group Technologies continues the development of Pragma, the most advanced solution designed for direct injection onto the uppers. Pragma is currently available in various configurations, from one-station machines for samples, small batches and tests on materials, to 44-station machines for larger batches.
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