S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol80 No2 February 2017

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Industry Barometer
Bresan: CMT stable, own footwear needs a boost.
Chanti: Women’s PVC belts battling.
Foot Fashion: Offer what the market wants.
Armadillo: CBD quiet, regional centres and country busier.
Bolton Footwear: Expecting to reap benefits of change.
Bob’s Shoes: Consumers just don’t have money.
Anonymous: Centres don’t treat independents, mini-chains fairly.

Opinion: Phillip Nutt
The evolving role of branding in this crazy world.

Opinion 2: Shirac Lamont
A voice from the past on the current mangling of language.

Chain Profile: Choice Clothing and Big Daddy
Going where even the Chinese fear to tread.

Skechers SA signs Olympic walker.
ProFit Safety Footwear: ‘Taking the nasty out of cheap’.
Villani: Outsourcing production ‘helping us grow brand’
Fenhua: Aiming to up production to 3m pairs.
Keexs: Nigerian brand eyes SA market.

East African Hub and AAFA ‘unite to ensure best-in-class business practices’.

Choose your path, Assomac tells SA manufacturers.
EVA Industries: Black TPR is ‘green’.

Notice Board
Retirement: Ron MacNiven, Decofurn.
Obituary: Taisekwa Mandirahwe, Cathula Sandals.

Advertisers in this Issue
Palm Footwear/Hunter Boot (OFC), Katz Footwear/Willow (2), Palm Footwear/Terrapod (4), ProFit Safety Footwear (10).

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