S&V African Leather Magazine Vol11 No5 May 2017

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Sector Reports
SHALC AGM: Export restriction debate drags on, but defending leather against animal welfare will be issue of the future.
Automotive: Move away from SA continues, and local hide prices must come down, says Adrian Visser.
Footwear: All sectors under pressure, says Gert Kruger.
Furniture: We need to export, and we have to be more competitive, says Rudolf Hanni.
Game skins: New association aims to up standards.

Education the 2017 SLTC Convention
Back from the brink, but much more to do.

Opinion What are Phthalates?
From columnist H. Procter.

Some hide and leather specifications
Compiled by the ISTT.

Product News
Lanxess: New developments in leather chemicals.

Trade Fairs
ACLE coincides with World Leather Congress.

EU now a member of ICAC.

Advertisers in this Issue
BASF (2), DyStar Boehme Africa (4), ISTT (9), Lanxess (OFC), Mimosa Extract Co (10), Rolfes Chemicals (6), SCOT (8).