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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol80 No1 January 2017

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Industry Barometer
Apeco: More positive sentiment, but industry must up its game.
Milspeed: Expecting tight first half.
Bolton Footwear: Many more positives than last year.
Nasron Footwear: Sticking to core items.
Dale Footwear: Offer value, freshness – and a fixed price for the year.
Extol Imports: Hoping for a more stable exchange rate.
Bhamjee’s Shoes: Generally bad, men’s surprisingly good.
Hollywood House/Minty’s: Foreigners make a bad situation worse.

Opinion: Phillip Nutt
The impact of the Trump election. How Trump’s presidency could affect sneaker prices in the U.S.

Safety Footwear
Buyer beware: You cannot take claimed standards at face value, says Anette Thompson.

Chain Profile: Franco Ceccato/Queue
The goal is to be the Cuthberts and ABC of this generation.

Company News
Katz Footwear: Stepping up the sneaker game.

CLE India Leather & Footwear trade expo: Airfares on offer.
End of an era: New organiser for GDS.

Notice Board
Obituaries: Michael O’Connor, Jensen Belts; Ernie Aaron, agent.

Culture, Art & History
The latest instalment from the Northampton Museum of Leather Craft.

Advertisers in this Issue
Couincil for Leather Exports (OFC), Katz Footwear/Willow (2), Palm Footwear (4, 14), Tuftex (6).

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