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S&V African Leather Magazine Vol11 No8 August 2017

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- The annual Automotive Export Manual 2017 shows that in 2016 SA imported more stitched leather seats / parts than it exported, and that exports declined further.

- Is the African Buffalo an opportunity to take something unique to market?, asks columnist H. Proctor.
- World Leather CEO says shipments of wet-salted hides should stop.

- Clean technology in the liming process - Part 2, by Dr Clive Jackson-Moss, ISTT.

Some hide and leather specifications
- Compiled by the ISTT.

New products
- New, water-based dyestuffs from Lanxess for leather finishing.
- Dyneema bonded leather is 'the thinnest, strongest leather ever'.
- New X-Rite multi-angle spectrophotometers 'set industry standard for characterising effect finishes'

The Environment
- Advice on recycling lubricating oil (and other items).

- Report from ACLE organisers.

- Stable global stocks in 2017/18.

Advertisers in this Issue
DyStar Boehme Africa (2), ISTT (9), Lanxess (OFC), Mimosa Extract Co (8), Rolfes Chemicals (4), SCOT (6).

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