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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol81 No7 July 2018

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Business Barometer: More hope, more innovation
- Evané Footwear: Downturn was expected.
- Fred Footwear: Positive mindset half the battle won.
- Claw Boot: Challenging but exciting.
- Paul Walsh Agencies: KZN is a poor province by comparison.
- Crossover: Exclusivity a point of difference.
- Arma Trading Store: A small country now overtraded.
- Anwary's: Politics and money.
- Universal Brands: Namibia faces many challenges.
- KG Chapaner & Co: Uncertainty and second hand goods hurting business.
- Anonymous retailer: Local suppliers picking up, but lack of variety.

- Bolton Footwear and Intershu Distributors share styles for summer.
- EVA Industries innovative with recyclable hangers for flip flops.

Government Intervention
- Masterplan: The government's vision for the CTFL sector, and how footwear manufacturers see it.

- SAFLIA chairman: It's not wise to say things can't get worse!
- SAFLIA director: We remain a resilient industry.
- SAFLEC chairman: Africa remains SA's major export market.
- SAFLEC director: We've made the world aware, now we need the product.

The strike - the war of words goes on
- An outside observer: Both sides miscalculated.
- SAFLIA: No good came out of this.
- SACTWU: No regrets.
- BBF/Neptun: Safety firms want changes to negotiation process.
- Chain reaction: Or lack thereof.

World news
- Almost all footwear sold in the US is imported. Now the industry is terrified of tariffs.
- Why JC Penney is targeting moms instead of Millennials.
- The fastest growing retailer in the US is not what you'd expect.
- Influencer fatigue is turning off shoppers, new study finds.
- The secret to Macy's rebound? Cutting inventory.

Advertisers in this Issue
Azula (2), Europa Art/Sergio Taccini (8), Fred Footwear (10), Katz Footwear (OFC), Tuftex (4).

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