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S&V African Leather Magazine Vol13 No3 March 2019

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Animal Diseases/Agriculture
- FMD: No recent outbreaks, but China ban on hides and skins remains.
- African Swine Fever in NW Province.
- African Horse Sickness outbreak in northern parts of SA.
- 3D printing, robots, drones and other technology will bring benefits to farmers.

Sector Reports
- Easier Zimbabwe hide exports 'boon for traders, nail in the coffin for tanners'.
- Kenya 'mega tannery' nears completion.
- UK Government offering funding for agri processing JVs with African states.

An Eclectic View
- Columnist H. Proctor writes about the importance of maximising income from secondary products and 'waste'.

Hides & leather specifications
- Compiled by the ISTT.

- Sustainable leather production part 20: Clean deliming technology - carbon dioxide deliming, by Dr Clive Jackson-Moss of the ISTT

- A trader writes about the hide dilemma facing farmers.

Aid Projects
- 'The European Union emergency trust fund for stability and addressing the root causes of irregular migration and displaced persons in Africa' is a mouthful. What it means is trying to create jobs for Africans in Africa to keep them from trying to move to Europe, and the Ethiopian leather industry is seen as just such a vehicle.

Conferences & Fairs
- SATTA Conference & Expo, May 6-7: Provisional programme.
- TFL presentations to the IULTCS Congress in Dresden, Germany.

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ISTT (7), JSM Business Services (12), Lanxess (2), Mimosa (4), Rolfes Leather Division (6), SCOT (9), SLTC (OFC).

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