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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine

The S&V Footwear and Leather Goods Magazine is a monthly digital publication that focuses on the Southern & East African Footwear & Leather Goods industry.

Since its first issue was published in 1935 the publication has been the leading source for news and information relevant to the Southern & East African footwear and leather goods industry. Our editorial staff are well known and respected within the industry and have a depth of industry knowledge and insight honed over many decades. In short we have our finger on the pulse of industry, enabling us to provide current news and information that matters to those involved in the footwear and leather goods trade. Matters related to technology, trade, import, export, manufacturing, design, retail and all other aspects of the industry are reported on regularly, factually and extensively.  

S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol81 No4 April 2018

Business Barometer: Still hanging on
- Reunion Components: Much quieter than last year, but some positives on the horizon.
- A1 Bags: Innovate, cut costs and hang in there.
- Best Shoes: Tough, but we were expecting worse.
- Foot Fashion: The key is the right product at the right price.
- Afro Thai Imports: It boils down to a very tight economy.
- AM Badat: The twin challenges of chains and counterfeits.

- Chic: We try to learn from our mistakes, says IDC.
- SAFLEC seeks to clarify exports to BLNS countries.

Company News
- Dangee Carken: Handpicked head for new clothing division.
- JN Chamberlain: Seeking new footwear markets for its resin and microcellular rubber sheeting.

- ARSUTORIA footwear and leather goods design courses.

World News
- A more thoughtful - realistic - approach to Made in America.
- Nine West reportedly edging closer to bankruptcy, could sell flagship label to Authentic Brands Group.
- Rare coalition bands together to fight Trump tariffs.

Advertisers in this Issue
Apeco (2), Chillisource/Shoepack (8, 9), Dangee Carken (OFC, 10), Katz Footwear (12), PMC Group (5), Source Africa (14), Tuftex (6).

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