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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine

The S&V Footwear and Leather Goods Magazine is a monthly digital publication that focuses on the Southern & East African Footwear & Leather Goods industry.

Since its first issue was published in 1935 the publication has been the leading source for news and information relevant to the Southern & East African footwear and leather goods industry. Our editorial staff are well known and respected within the industry and have a depth of industry knowledge and insight honed over many decades. In short we have our finger on the pulse of industry, enabling us to provide current news and information that matters to those involved in the footwear and leather goods trade. Matters related to technology, trade, import, export, manufacturing, design, retail and all other aspects of the industry are reported on regularly, factually and extensively.  

S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol81 No7 July 2018


Business Barometer: More hope, more innovation
- Evané Footwear: Downturn was expected.
- Fred Footwear: Positive mindset half the battle won.
- Claw Boot: Challenging but exciting.
- Paul Walsh Agencies: KZN is a poor province by comparison.
- Crossover: Exclusivity a point of difference.
- Arma Trading Store: A small country now overtraded.
- Anwary's: Politics and money.
- Universal Brands: Namibia faces many challenges.
- KG Chapaner & Co: Uncertainty and second hand goods hurting business.
- Anonymous retailer: Local suppliers picking up, but lack of variety.

- Bolton Footwear and Intershu Distributors share styles for summer.
- EVA Industries innovative with recyclable hangers for flip flops.

Government Intervention
- Masterplan: The government's vision for the CTFL sector, and how footwear manufacturers see it.

- SAFLIA chairman: It's not wise to say things can't get worse!
- SAFLIA director: We remain a resilient industry.
- SAFLEC chairman: Africa remains SA's major export market.
- SAFLEC director: We've made the world aware, now we need the product.

The strike - the war of words goes on
- An outside observer: Both sides miscalculated.
- SAFLIA: No good came out of this.
- SACTWU: No regrets.
- BBF/Neptun: Safety firms want changes to negotiation process.
- Chain reaction: Or lack thereof.

World news
- Almost all footwear sold in the US is imported. Now the industry is terrified of tariffs.
- Why JC Penney is targeting moms instead of Millennials.
- The fastest growing retailer in the US is not what you'd expect.
- Influencer fatigue is turning off shoppers, new study finds.
- The secret to Macy's rebound? Cutting inventory.

Advertisers in this Issue
Azula (2), Europa Art/Sergio Taccini (8), Fred Footwear (10), Katz Footwear (OFC), Tuftex (4).

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