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S&V African Leather Magazine

The S&V African Leather Magazine is a monthly digital publication that focuses on the Southern & East African Leather industry.

Since its first issue was published in 1935 the publication has been the leading source for news and information relevant to the Southern & East African footwear and leather goods industry. Our editorial staff are well known and respected within the industry and have a depth of industry knowledge and insight honed over many decades. In short we have our finger on the pulse of industry, enabling us to provide current news and information that matters to those involved in the footwear and leather goods trade. Matters related to technology, trade, import, export, manufacturing, design, retail and all other aspects of the industry are reported on regularly, factually and extensively.

S&V African Leather Magazine Vol12 No7 July 2018


- Red meat levy extended.

- Columnist Sam Setter writes about the South African leather industry.
- Columnist H. Proctor writes about cellulose coatings.

- Crocodilian industry developments by Stefan van As, chairman of Exotic Leather SA and MD of Le Croc.
- Ostrich: Poised for recovery? Interviews with Mosstrich MD Francois de Wet, KKI leather executive director Arno Albertyn and Ostrich Products SA chairman Saag Jonker.
- Kenyan entrepreneur builds fish skin leather enterprise.

- A review of techniques to reduce the pollution from the liming/unhairing process stage by Dr Clive Jackson-Moss of the ISTT.

Hides & leather specifications
- Compiled by the ISTT.

- India sponsors East African tanneries to exhibit at AALF and learn from Ethiopian experience.

New products & services
- Lanxess trend forecast.
- TFL increases capacity for its dyes and retanning products.

- Investment outlook for African agriculture 'opltimistic'.
- Monsanto case 'reaffirms that robotics will shape the future of agro chemicals'.

Advertisers in this Issue
DyStar Boehme Africa (10), ISTT (9), JSM Business Services (6), Lanxess (2), Malome Leather Technologies (8), Mimosa Extract Co. (2), Rolfes Leather Division (4), SCOT (OFC).

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