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SAFLIA: Import forum ‘going nowhere’

Published: 13th Mar 2017
Author: Tony Dickson - S&V Editor

The Southern African Footwear & Leather Industries Association (SAFLIA) had already lost confidence in the SARS. Late last year executive director Jirka Vymetal told the CTFL Industry Forum – a body chaired by SARS and intended to discuss illegal/undervalued imports and similar issues – that he would no longer attend its meetings as they were “achieving nothing”. At a meeting on January 23 with Helena Tripmaker, the senior SARS official on the forum and her team, he said the clothing-dominated forum was “going nowhere” for the footwear industry. Both unions were also invited to this meeting, but neither attended. Vymetal said he felt the structure “needed to be revisited”.

This is a developing story. More to follow.

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