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FLIC: Awaiting final step before starting

Published: 20th Mar 2017
Author: Tony Dickson - S&V Editor

Correction: Last week’s article contained inaccuracies

Pretoria (SA) – The Footwear & Leather Industries Cluster (FLIC), approved by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) in January as the replacement for the National Footwear & Leather Cluster (NFLC), has still to be registered as a legal entity before it can start operating, but its focus will be on “enabling interventions” – primarily in education and training, creating value chains, technology, manufacturing best practices and systems and governance issues for the Footwear, Leather-Goods and Leather Industries in South Africa.

        FLIC will assist not only its 4 founder members – the sub-national/regional clusters – with their projects, and encourage the formation of other similar clusters, but the footwear, leather and leather-goods industry in South Africa at large.

        The 4 founding members are: the Exotic Leather SA (ELSA), the Footwear & Leather Goods Regional Cluster/Durban (aka ‘the Mr Price cluster’), the Fast Track Regional Footwear Cluster (the ‘TFG/Eddels cluster’), and the Southern Cape Regional Footwear Cluster and they will make up the interim Board of FLIC

        Once the non-profit company has been established other industry role-players and stakeholders will be invited to become members and the FLIC Board will be expanded to be representative of the entire industry.

        At the founding meeting, also attended by representatives of the dti and IDC, the members appointed Ernest Heunis as interim manager. He was acting GM of the NFLC after the decision was taken to shut it down.

        The NFLC is still under forensic audit by the IDC and no decision has been taken on what will happen to the assets of the now defunct NFLC.

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