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NULAW ‘fully committed’ to SARS forum

Published: 20th Mar 2017
Author: Ashley Benjamin; General Secretary; NULAW

Pretoria (SA) – It is rather regrettable that SAFLIA adopted a stance to withdraw from this important forum. NULAW fully supports the efforts by SARS Customs Fraud unit to combat illegal imports and under invoicing despite its current challenges.

        NULAW have attempted over the past three years to convince SAFLIA to agree to develop a reference pricing system for the Footwear Industry which in our view will assist to curb the influx of illegal importation of footwear and under invoicing. If managed properly could result in increased local orders, decent job creation and increased revenue for government.

        As Labour we [are] fully committed to work with SARS to commence with a reference pricing system for the local Footwear sector with or without the support of SAFLIA. Our interaction with some of the CEO’s signals support for a reference pricing system as it will derive benefits for the local industry.

        NULAW finds it very strange why SAFLIA selectively choose to accept government support in terms of grants and incentives but is reluctant to agree to a reference pricing system as in the case of clothing and textiles.  We are still hopeful that the SAFLIA leadership will reconsider their current stance. – [+27 (0)31  206 0105,]

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