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The Studio 88 Group - The unspoken aim is to dominate men\'s branded apparel

Published: 28th Apr 2017
Author: From Laurence Wernars; chairman of the Studio 88 group of companies

The Studio 88 Group has 10 retail brands, each aimed at a segment of the men’s and boys’ markets. Among them are Side Step, Geri and Aeronautica Militare.

Johannesburg, SA – This article differs from all preceding articles in this series in that it was submitted to us without an interview, and with the proviso that there would be no photos of personnel. It was written in September last year.
From Laurence Wernars, chairman of the Studio 88 group of companies
I thank you for your interest and as I’m sure you are aware, in any successful organisation, a committed team with a common goal paves the way to accomplishing many triumphs. The truth be told, we are happy to fly under the radar.
As noteworthy as it is to be recognised by other retailers and our peers, I am a hands-on businessman and don’t enjoy partaking in interviews or having attention focused on myself. I have a hardworking, devoted team behind me who all feel very blessed to be growing in these challenging periods of business where others are faltering.
I’m proud to indicate the stores we have and that in the remaining months of 2016, will as a Group, will be opening a further 20 stores to add to our growing numbers:
The Studio 88 Group of Companies’ began with one Studio 88 store in the CBD of Johannesburg in 2001. The majority of stores are found predominantly in South Africa with numerous stores in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and Zambia. In 2012, RMB Venture Holdings (a Division of Rand Merchant Bank) acquired a percentage of the Group.
The Group of Companies are clothing and footwear retailers of differing specialities and target markets. 
Studio 88 is South Africa’s largest branded fashion and footwear retail specialist selling sought after sporting, leisure and lifestyle brands such as Puma, Adidas, Guess, Nike, Levi’s etc. Its customers are predominantly male aged between 18 to 35 years; sports enthusiasts and in particular soccer lovers. They are young, aspirational and Brand conscious. The merchandise is predominantly for fathers and sons. 
Side Step specialises in fashion footwear and providing its customers with the latest trends in fashion footwear and more recently denim jeans with selected apparel. It caters to the young aspiring, trendy and fashionable male aged between 16 – 30. Footwear, jeans and some apparel in selected stores cater for men, women and children. 
Skipper Bar caters for the man in the street in uniquely styled casual, leisure and smart attire. Brands are not the main focus in this store, rather great style and value for money. The customer is a young fashion conscious man with aspirations and the need to be noticed for his style. The store also caters for boys and carries apparel, footwear and accessories.
Jelly Planet retails premium Brands for boys and girls catering from birth to early teens. Jelly Planet is the exclusive stockist of Levi’s kids clothing in South Africa. Styling is for those kids that are cool, happening, hip and fashionable. 
Linea Italiana, better known to its customers as DMD and is known countrywide for its eccentricity in fabric choice and styling with Italian flair and pizazz. Young men aged from 13 – 35 find identity and brotherhood in the styling and this is evident in the groups they form, all purchasing the same items and creating a type of uniform – each their own identity. DMD carries a unique collection of clothing that is a very individual ‘out-there’ kind of style. Bright florals, leopard print, roses and patterned print T-shirts, jackets, caps and trousers available for men and boys alike.
L & G Luxury Life:
GERI International multi-brand boutiques are for the affluent fashion conscious style masters. The merchandise focuses mainly on brands that are now leaders in their different production expertise, such as Pal Zileri, Aeronautica Militare, Xacus, Doucals, Jacob Cohen, PT05, Bressan, Poggianti, Emanual Berg, Cortigiani & Geri. 
Aeronautica Militare, known for their ranges including the Italian Air Force and Frecce Tricolore customised emblems and logos. Seasonally reinventing the style of the contemporary man and woman who are in search of a total look - casual but with a strong identity. This brand is gaining a growing appreciation especially among fans of flight and Italian style.
La Martina, an International brand with its roots in the Sport of Polo and the sharing of such common values as Elegance, Luxury and Expertise. La Martina, an Argentinean sports and leisure clothing manufacturer started by producing Polo equipment and these roots will never be lost or waivered from as this is where its culture and passion is derived from. The Brand sentiment is famously anchored by the sentiment that they do not use the game of Polo to promote the Brand – they are Polo!
Pal Zileri, an Italian brand specialising in men’s formal and casual menswear. This brand solidifies an international reputation as one Italy's most esteemed menswear brands, one famous not only for the quality of each garment produced. The house has numerous stores today, and besides clothing offer fashion accessories and fragrances for men. Motto of the house is balance between modernity and tradition. Pal Zileri prefers classic lines, permanent evolution of elegance and the energy and vitality of business.
Napapijri, is a Italian premium casual-wear brand originally a producer of high-quality alpine travel bags, Napapijri now markets upscale outdoor apparel combining innovative materials with close attention to style for men, women and children, as well as accessories, footwear and bags. – [+27 (0)11 474 2245,]
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