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All sectors of Ethiopian footwear industry doing well

Published: 28th Apr 2017
Author: Saifudin Khalifa; Deputy G/M; Kadisco Paint and Adhesive Industry S.C.

Saifudin Khalifa

Saifudin Khalifa, Deputy G/M, Kadisco Paint and Adhesive Industry S.C.
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – Generally the industry is developing well, particularly for the exporters. There is a forex shortage which is affecting all business in general but those companies involved in exports are faring better.
What I found interesting at the expo was that the quality of the products by local producers is improving every year. The industry is clearly now divided into 3 groups.
1. Small and medium enterprises, which have been helped by the government to assemble into clusters.
2. Medium and large enterprises owned by local entrepreneurs and supplying local and export markets.
3. Foreign companies who have setup green field plants and are exporting all their produce.
All 3 sectors are doing well. – [+251 (0)11 439 1037/38,]
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