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Feedback shows where to concentrate

Published: 28th Apr 2017
Author: Peter Lin; proprietor; C.Y. Lin

Peter Lin.

Peter Lin, proprietor, C.Y. Lin
Cape Town, SA – We only began testing the market late last year, and the first containers only arrived in April. The feedback from customers so far is that they are selling well.
Because we’re a new label, a lot of independents are on a testing stage. Customers are happy with the price points and quality, but not yet ordering huge amounts during these trial phases.
We have to go through the process of earning a reputation and becoming accepted by the market through exposure. Now that I am beginning to receive positive feedbacks from the market, I’ve got more clarity on how to move forward. 
Basically, I deeply believe that by offering the right product with best quality at the lowest prices is the key. This is what the people out there need and I will make it possible.
I’m beginning to really enjoy what I am doing… besides, it’s too early to retire now. – [+27 (0)82 775 5933,]
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