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Game skins: New association aims to up standards

Published: 31st May 2017
Author: Tony Dickson - S&V Editor

SATTA\'s Exco (from back left): Antonie Lotter (Swift Dip), Douglas Cockcroft (Splitting Image Taxidermy), Pierre Aucamp (Kotoko Taxidermy), Pieter Swart (Afrikan Tanning), Cecil Corringham, chairman (Life Form Taxidermy), Pieter Erasmus (Safari Cargo S

The new association for taxidermists and associated businesses had its formal launch in May
The South African Taxidermy & Tannery Association (SATTA) was established in October 2016 with the aim to become the officially recognised body to serve the Taxidermy, Tannery and Dip & Pack industry in South Africa. We aim to actively work with government, related organizations and associations to secure the future for a legitimate industry, and in addition to raise the profile and standard within the South African industry.  While the Association was launched in 2016, the inaugural meeting was held on 18 May 2017 where SATTA was formally constituted through the adoption of formal structures, including a Constitution.  The meeting was attended by various representatives from Stakeholder companies, including the Department of Environmental Affairs.  
The chairman of SATTA is Cecil Corringham of Life Form Taxidermy. The other Exco members are Douglas Cockcroft of Splitting Image Taxidermy, Pieter Erasmus of freight company Safari Cargo Systems, Pieter Swart of Afrikan Tanning, Pierre Aucamp of Kotoko Taxidermy, and Antonie Lotter of Swift Dip. Susan Swart has been appointed as interim secretary, non-executive.
This Association will succeed by growing slowly, by developing solid structures, by being more professional and business like and by being an unbiased platform. A proper and well researched Constitution, Code of Ethics, a Disciplinary process, experienced and enthusiastic members will all contribute to reaching our goals. - [+27 (0)83 417 8474,]
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