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Retail last week: Comment from 5 retailers on Saturday 06/07/2019

Published: 8th Jul 2019
Author: Tony Dickson - S&V Editor

"It's been a bit quiet because of school holidays - a lot of our clients go away. We're a destination store both on the shoe repair side, where we are known for quality repairs, and on the comfort footwear side, where we sell branded men's and women's footwear. Our business is more-or-less evenly split between those divisions. The year so far has been quiet. People hold on to their money in uncertain times." - Dipak Parbhoo, member, Durasole, Cape Town, W Cape, SA. Independent, 1 store.

"Not bad. I'm happy with trading this week. The year so far has been tough. You have to box clever." - Shiraaz Mohamed, director, Ebbie's Fashion House, Kimberley, N Cape, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter.

"From November last year to May there were strikes on the mines, which affected trade. Since June, business has definitely picked up. Winter hasn't been strong because of the warm weather. By the time it got cold, the chains had put their winter merchandise on sale, which doesn't help us." - Mohammed Hoosen Laher, proprietor, Textile Wholesalers, t/a Best Shop, Ebony, M&H and Melz, Carletonville, NW Province, SA. Mini-chain, 6 stores, family footwear.

"It's been a bit quiet this week because of school holidays, and overall it hasn't been good for a couple of years. It's quiet, but it's not disastrous." - Muhammad Seedat, member, Ebsons, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 4 stores, family footwear and schoolwear specialist.

"It's not what it was years ago, but we're paying our expenses and making a living." - Faizal Hajat, member, Economic Outfitters, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter and schoolwear specialist.

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