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Stick to your costings...we've hit bottom

Published: 1st Nov 2019
Author: Fernand Vandenheede; member; Galabiss cc.
Fernand Vandenheede, member, Galabiss cc. Unit sole mould manufacturer.
Pinetown, KZN, SA - It's been a tough year, but there's still work to be had. The weak Rand has helped exports, and I'm currently cheaper than China. Overall, it's been fairly good.
You have to be more efficient, and you have to stick to your guns. Do your costing properly, then stick to it. I think quite a few businesses have been hurt by under-costing.
I think consumers have also got past buying the cheapest shoe, because it costs more in the long run.
I believe next year will be better than this year, and better than 2018. I think we've hit the bottom.. - +27 (0)31 701 9526,
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