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FSP\'s concept store at the Woodstock Foundry in Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

No orders in January - now we can't make enough

Published: 1st Nov 2019
Author: Fiona Borthwick; MD; FSP Collection (Pty) Ltd.
Fiona Borthwick, MD, FSP Collection (Pty) Ltd. Handbag manufacturer.
Cape Town, W Cape, SA - So far, we're down on last year. If you talk to me at the end of December, we'll probably be on par.
When we opened in January, there were no orders. People said we had to wait for the outcome of the elections in May, and from June, orders started trickling in. Since then, growth has been exponential.
Because business was so poor earlier, we looked for private label business, making smooth leather products in addition to our normal hair-on game skin production, and the unfortunate closure of Jensen helped us.
For the same reason, and to spread the risk, we opened our own retail shop, which I had never expected to do, but it's been very successful.
The tourist season seems to have started a little later, but it's working for us. We've had top-up orders from shops at the international airports in Cape Town and Johannesburg for October and November. - +27 (0)21 447 3099,,
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