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Herman Alheit...Fined for lockdown \'violation\'.

SAPS raid \\\'a lack of understanding\\\'

Published: 13th May 2020
Author: Arveen Boodhoo
Dick Whittington Shoes, deemed an essential supplier because it makes government tender footwear, was raided by the police during 'Level 5' of the lockdown, for a suspected violation of lockdown rules. The rumour mills suggested MD Arveen Boodhoo and production manager Herman Alheit were arrested. Here the MD explains what happened.
Pietermaritzburg, KZN, SA - No such thing happened to Herman or I.
But yes we had an welcome visit from SAPS. 
Rumour has it that it was a tip off by labour.
As you know, our closing room is automated. The closing room operators were completing in process work on the conveyors left at lockdown to make way for army boots. This was done to facilitate the work flow because the clicking department were cutting the uppers and linings of the boots to feed into the closing room.  
SAPS deemed this to be in violation of lockdown rules due to the fact that the closing room was working on non-essential goods. 
As a result employees were dismissed, Herman as factory manager was charged and R5k fine was levied. Neither of us were put in orange overalls. 
Not so interesting I guess but somewhat juvenile and a lack of understanding of process flow by SAPS.
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