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Fusion Leather/African Gameskin: Extraordinary ideas and opportunities

Published: 22nd May 2020
Author: Denzil Spolander; Fusion Leather MD

Cape Town, W Cape, SA - Lockdown has in some crazy way been a hugely inspirational period for the Fusion Leather and African Gameskin team.

The challenge of new and unknown, sparks energy in my team and leads to extraordinary thinking. 
We are in regular contact with our customers, carving a path for the near future, along with an 18 month strategy. Many of our customers are champing at the bit to get going with new ideas and markets in the online space.
Exports from African Gameskin has been promising over the past 2 weeks and an interesting opportunity with a prominent international brand for Fusion.
Suddenly R18.50 = $1 allows for South African competitiveness.
Fusion has an interesting product offering ex Durban Warehouse in August/September, while African Gameskin launch an Eco Leather range in June.
In the words of Warren Buffet...When the masses are fearful, be greedy and when the masses are greedy, be fearful. My wish is for our industry to find the opportunities that will present in the coming months and pounce.
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