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Big & Tall: Still some 'mad days', but quantities down

Published: 15th Mar 2021
Author: Hardus Labuschagne

"Some days we run around like mad people, others, we just mind the shop," was how Big & Tall Gents' Outfitters manager Hardus Labuschagne described business.
      The 'mad' days are generally Saturdays, while during the rest of the week it's mostly one customer at a time, he said.
      While the feet are still there, the volumes they buy are significantly down, he said. "We don't get the regulars coming in and spending R16 000 or R17 000. Now it's more R1 500 to R3 000 - working from home clothing, basically."
      Footwear sales, likewise, are mostly sneakers. "When someone buys formal footwear now, it's either because he's starting a new job, or his shoes are so worn out he has to change them."
      He said the business hasn't changed the type of merchandise it buys, but it has reduced quantities. "For example we used to buy 20 to 30 belts at a time. Now it's 15 to 20."

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