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SA retailers 'prepared to take stock delayed by Far East issues'

Published: 10th Jan 2022
Author: Tony Dickson - S&V Editor
Cape Town, W. Cape, SA – On 03 January, Footwear News speculated on the effects of late deliveries as follows:
As the new year kicks off, these chains will likely continue to benefit from the port congestion, factory shutdowns and labour shortages that prevented many retailers from receiving inventory in time for various shopping events. As a result, many of these companies cancelled their orders, leaving containers up for grabs for off-price chains that rely on overstocks and cancellations to make up the bulk of their inventory.
We asked several branded sportswear distributors whether this is relevant for SA. Kevin Jooste of Adidas replied:

"Don’t believe this is relevant for SA. Locally all brands are experiencing Vietnam production issues (focused on Ftw mainly), their lockdown in h2 2021 has resulted in delays and cancellations in Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. But cancellations are done at source before raw materials have been procured and we are working closing with our retail partners in order to get delayed products to them ASAP. There has been a general willingness to take their delayed stock when it arrives by our partners." 

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