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PPE: So far this year, very good

Published: 21st Aug 2023
Author: By Rob McCann; member; Treadsafe

New Germany, KZN, SA – In general, our business is up substantially, though I’m not sure where it’s coming from, because many of our customers have downsized their workforces, or even closed.

I’ve tried to analyse it, and I think we’ve picked up new business since North closed. But I think the main reason is that we offer excellent service, good prices and lots of stock, so we’re doing the basics right. And PPE remains a legal requirement.

There are no real issues with imported stock. There are some problems with getting local product on time. With PPE, customers want the product off-the-shelf.

On the footwear side, I’m concerned about the change to the standard, and what that will mean in terms of getting new styles approved. It’s taken the NRCS about 10 years to get existing styles approved, and I think there will be delays and uncertainty about new styles. 

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