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Published: 7th Dec 2023
Author: By Leighton Bennett; Construction H&S Agent; SHE & Risk Management Consultant; Benrisk Consulting.

What disciplines contribute to the Occupational Health & Safety Practitioner’s capability and competence?

 Many Occupational Health & Safety Practitioners think that after attending several training courses they are now capable and competent OHS Practitioners, without understanding that Occupational Health & Safety Management involves the application and management of the science (facts) and art (skill) of occupational health & safety, where the science relates to the application of facts, knowledge and techniques to assure an environment (the working environment) is free from any form of threat, hazard or risk which may impact on the health and safety of people at a workplace, and where the art is the practice and enhancement of those professional skills which influence and motivate people to act safely.

For a person to be competent in the field of occupational health & safety (risk) management one needs to develop your knowledge of the sciences, the skills and ability of the art and the Plan-Do-Check-Act process of managing OHS and the capability to effectively apply one’s OHS knowledge and skills in any workplace.

The table below highlights the various disciplines and performance accomplishments involved in the management of occupational safety & health. Depending on the industry one is working in, some aspects may not be applicable, while some other fields may need to be added for your industry.

Note: This table content is not considered exhaustive.

“The Occupational Health & Safety Management Profession covers the widest number of bodies of knowledge disciplines because it manages the health & safety of everybody in their workplaces.”
Leighton Bennett, Pr.CHSA, OSHE & Risk Management Consultant

To support the above content and thinking, review the International Network on Safety & Health Professional Organisations ( and review the “Singapore Accord on the Standards for H&S Practitioners” ( and their online self-assessment tool to rate your knowledge and skills. This online OHS assessment takes about 45 minutes to complete.

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