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Massmart interim results June 2019

Published: 2nd Sep 2019

Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA (August 29, 2019) – Revenue for the interim period grew to R43.9 billion (R41.7 billion) whilst gross profit rose to R8.4 billion (R8.1 billion). Operating loss before interest came to R129.8 million (profit of R571.1 million). Loss for the period of R585.8 million (profit of R190 million). Furthermore, headline loss per share was 251.8cps (earnings of 94.7cps).
       Dividend: Massmart’s dividend policy is to declare and pay an interim and final dividend representing a 2.0 times dividend cover unless circumstances dictate otherwise. As a result of the headline loss reported during this period, no interim dividend has been declared.
         Company outlook and trading statement for the year ended December 2019: For the 33 weeks to 18 August 2019, total sales amounted to R55.8 billion, representing an increase of 5.0% over the prior period. Comparable stores' sales increased by 3.2%. Product inflation is estimated at 2.6%.
       It is difficult to envisage the South African consumer economy improving in the near-term and negative risks seem heightened in the international geopolitical and economic situation. Massmart's profitability has always been heavily skewed towards the second half of the financial year and particularly the fourth quarter, which includes Black Friday and the Festive season, which makes near-term financial guidance difficult.
       Assuming no further deterioration in the South African consumer economy for the remainder of 2019, Massmart expects that basic earnings per share for the year to December 2019 may be at least 50% below last year's basic earnings per share of 410.6 cents per share on a comparable basis (excluding the impact of IFRS 16) and may be at least 100% below last year's basic earnings per share of 410.6 cents per share (including the impact of IFRS 16). On the same basis, Massmart expects that headline earnings per share for the year to December 2019 may be at least 50% below last year's headline earnings per share of 416.5 cents per share on a comparable basis (excluding the impact of IFRS 16) and may be at least 100% below last year's headline earnings per share of 416.5 cents per share on a reported basis (including the impact of IFRS 16). A further announcement will be released once there is a reasonable degree of certainty on results in due course.

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Retail last week: Comment from 4 retailers on Saturday 24/08/2019

Published: 26th Aug 2019
Author: Tony Dickson - S&V Editor

"This last week has been pretty tough, but July and the first 2 weeks of August were good, which is normally the case. Our winter sale is the last week of July and the first week of August, but generally the momentum carries through to the end of August. We'll have to see whether it picks up next week again. May and June were tough, and some departments battled more than others." - Marko Thiart, audio visual buyer and floor manager, Friedman & Cohen, Cape Town, W Cape, SA. Department store, 1 store, apparel, men's and women's footwear, home textiles, and other departments.

"The first 4 days were a bit slow. Friday and Saturday have been quite good. The first week of the month was fine, but then it slowed until this weekend. The year so far has been down on last year." - Yogesh Narotam, member, Friends, Rustenburg, NW Province, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter and men's and women's footwear.

"Only the first week of the month is good - that's the trend now. By the third week - this week - it's terrible because people have run out of money. The cost of living has become very high, and there's not much left over for footwear and clothing. There's no sign that the economy will improve anytime soon." - Kiran Govan, proprietor, Gaaman Outfitters, Durban, KZN, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter.

"It's been a bit slow. I expect it to be better next week, with month end. The year overall has been down on last year." - Ahmed Gattas, Gattas Trading Store, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 1 store, workwear and safety footwear specialist.

Mr Price trading update

Published: 22nd Aug 2019

Durban, KZN, SA (August 22, 2019) – During the first four months (18 weeks to 3 August 2019)(the "Period") of the financial year ending 28 March 2020, the group recorded growth in retail sales and other income of 1.1% to R7.5bn over the corresponding period in the prior year ("Corresponding Period").
       Total retail sales, including sales to franchisees, of R6.9bn were 0.5% higher than the Corresponding Period.
       It was communicated at the annual results presentation in May, that the first half of FY2020 was expected to be an extremely challenging trading period. The continued poor retail environment, and a generally strong performance in the base relative to the rest of the market per Stats SA, contributed to the performance in the Period. In addition, internal factors had an impact and are outlined below.
       Consumers continue to be constrained, which is affecting propensity to spend. GDP growth, unemployment, inflation and disposable income remain at levels that are not supportive of growth in the retail environment.
       The corporate store sales performance detailed above reflect some of the external challenges. Despite these factors, group sales excluding Mr Price Apparel were up 4.8%, with these divisions maintaining or improving gross margin percentage.
       South African retail sales increased 0.6% to R6.4bn. Store sales were up 0.2% and online sales up 31.1% to R109.1m. The Mr Price Apparel online channel achieved sales growth of 21.8%, Mr Price Home 40.8% and Mr Price Sport 31.3%. Sales in non-South African corporate owned stores grew 0.3% to R522.3m.
       Group cash sales increased 1.4%, constituting 83.6% (Corresponding Period: 82.9%) of total sales and credit sales decreased 3.5%. The credit environment continues to be weak as indicated by Transunion in their Q2 2019 Consumer Credit Index report and the group does not believe it is currently appropriate to stimulate growth in this channel.
       New store openings and expansions resulted in weighted average trading space increasing 3.0%. Ongoing strategic space rationalisation resulted in net weighted average trading space increasing 1.5%.
       Other income grew 9.4%, to R502.7m. Debtors' interest and fees grew 7.2% to R171.6m. The recent repo rate cut of 25bps will adversely affect interest income for the remainder of the financial year. Insurance revenue of R81.1m decreased 5.2% and cellular and mobile revenue increased 19.4% to R234.6m.
       The most significant challenges were faced in Mr Price Apparel, which constitutes 59.5% of group sales. The core elements of our business model and past success, being category dominance and clarity of offer, were compromised by an imbalance in the shape of the assortment. These same issues were present in H2 of the prior financial period and caused excess inventory carry into winter. Higher than desired markdowns were required over the short winter period, diverting customer spend away from full-price merchandise and materially impacting gross margin.
       The new executive management team has devoted significant time to undertake detailed merchandise process reviews across the business with emphasis on Mr Price Apparel. Clarity on where corrective action was required has been achieved and remedial action has been taken. As communicated in May, it was not anticipated that the effect of these initiatives would impact winter trading, but they are expected to positively influence performance leading into H2.        Group winter inventory was cleared to acceptable levels by the end of the Period.
       Early signs of a performance recovery into spring and summer have started to emerge. Group retail sales in the last two weeks of the Period grew 3.6% (Mr Price Apparel +0.3%) and in the two weeks after the Period to 17 August grew 6.9%(Mr Price Apparel +4.3%) against a strong performance in the Corresponding Period.
       Looking ahead, the trading environment is expected to be challenging as global markets remain uncertain and local economic growth is forecast to be muted in 2019. Despite this, management is optimistic that an extremely talented group of associates, re- focused on entrenching proven disciplines and providing customers with exceptional value, should deliver market share gains, whatever the economic environment.

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Steinhoff Investment - preference dividend

Published: 21st Aug 2019

Cape Town, W Cape, SA (August 21, 2019) – The board of directors of the Company has declared a gross dividend of 491.15754 cents per share, payable on Monday 14 October 2019 in respect of the period 1 January 2019 to 30 June 2019 ("the preference dividend" ), payable to the shareholders, recorded in the books of the Company at the close of business on Friday 11 October 2019, of the 15 000 000 cumulative, non-redeemable, non-participating, variable rate preference shares issued by the Company ("the preference shares").
       At the date of declaration there were 15 000 000 (fifteen million) preference shares in issue.
       The preference dividend will be payable in the currency of South Africa and will be subject to a local dividend tax rate of 20%. This will result in a net dividend of 392.92603 cents per preference share, unless the preference shareholder is exempt from dividend tax or is entitled to a reduced rate in terms of an applicable double-tax agreement.

Salient dates:
  *Last date to trade cum dividend: Tuesday, 8 October 2019
*Shares trade ex-dividend: Wednesday, 9 October 2019
*Record date: Friday, 11 October 2019
*Payment date: Monday, 14 October 2019

       Share certificates may not be dematerialised or re-materialised between Wednesday 9 October 2019 and Friday 11 October 2019, both days inclusive.

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Shoprite final results June 2019

Published: 20th Aug 2019
Author: Stock Exchange News Service (SENS) release

Cape Town, W Cape, SA (August 20, 2019) – Sale of merchandise increased by 3.6% R150.4 billion (2018: R145.1 billion), gross profit grew 1.8% to R35.3 billion (2018: R34.7 billion) whilst operating profit was 8.2% lower at R6.9 billion (2018: R7.5 billion). Profit attributable to owners of the parent was recorded at R4.3 billion (2018: R5.2 billion). Furthermore, headline earnings per share decreased by 19.6% to R780.8 cents per share (2018: R971.4 cents per share).

Dividend number 141: The board has declared a final dividend of 163 cents (2018: 279 cents) per ordinary share, payable to shareholders on Monday, 9 September 2019. The dividend has been declared out of income reserves. This brings the total dividend for the year to 319 cents (2018: 484 cents) per ordinary share.

Group prospects and outlook: The Group will adopt IFRS 16: Leases effective from 1 July 2019. The expected impact is outlined in note 16 of the summary consolidated financial results included in this announcement.
       With respect to Non-RSA, persistently challenging trading conditions in the year ahead are likely to hamper our ability to return to profitability. Angola is expected to be declassified from the list of hyperinflationary countries in the year ahead and, therefore, we anticipate that we will not be required to report in accordance with IAS 29 in the 2020 financial year. Post year-end, we have maintained our Supermarkets RSA sales momentum with Usave in particular reaping the benefits of our restored in stock position. Regarding the selling price inflation outlook for Supermarkets RSA, we’ve seen a slow increase in recent months to the 2.5% level currently.
       We've entered 2020 bolstered by our success over the past six months with the knowledge that our continued operational focus will be combined with consolidating our financial position by reducing inventories, critically assessing capital expenditure and where appropriate, selling selected assets to redirect capital towards future growth projects. We are confident that following our system replacement, the Group is future fit and we look forward to achieving returns from a smarter Shoprite. The next few months will also see us operationalise key innovation projects that will unlock future alternative revenue streams and enhance our digital presence in the new race for reach.

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