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Leather Industry

S&V African Leather Magazine Vol14 No2 February 2020


3 The Hide Price Crisis
- Automotive upholstery: OEMs moving away from embossed leather, says Bader SA's Robert O'Connell.
- Footwear and leather goods: The cheap hides aren't the hides in demand, says Fusion's Denzil Spolander. You can't grow sales in a shrinking market, says Mossop Leather's Gert Kruger.
- Furniture upholstery: Lower prices, but also lower sales, says Hannitan's Rudolf Hanni.
- Ethiopia lifts export tax on semi-processed hides and skins in response to diminishing sales, report Ethiopian media.

8 Animal Health
- SA Government defends nationwide ban on auctions to halt FMD in Limpopo Province, opposition calls it 'a textbook example of what not to do'.

9 Zimbabwe
- Overall situation remains grim, but business is 'finding ways', says consultant Johnny Kleynhans.

12 An Eclectic View
- Columnist H. Proctor leaves purely leather issues to write about IT, and specifically mobile optimisation.

11 Weights & Measures
- Compiled by the ISTT.

12 Aid Projects
- Buckman joins the Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals programme.

17 Trade Fairs
- Leather Initiative for Sustainable Employment Creation.
- IULTCS announces winners of young scientists research grants.

Advertisers in this Issue
Cape Karoo International Ltd (OFC), ISTT (7), Lanxess (2), Mimosa (4), Rolfes Leather Division (6).


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Leather Initiative for Sustainable Employment Creation.

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