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PPE Industry

S&V Protect Magazine Vol13 No3 Third Quarter 2019


- National Regulator for Compulsory Standards seeks to regulate all categories of PPE, but says 'no new levies imminent'.
- SAPEMA KZN regional meeting: A-OSH, new forums dominate discussion.
- Fire protection services companies prosecuted for cartel conduct by Competition Commission.

- Compliant PPE vs Price: Deleane Luzzatto, chairperson of SAPEMA, says the true cost of cheap PPE can be very serious.

Working at Height
- Dylan Sutherland of Protekta Safety Africa the necessary culture of working at height.

Employee Issues
- Rhys Evans of ALCO-Safe says unmanned breathalysers safeguard security personnel from the threat of retaliatory violence.

Disaster Management
- Patricia Scotland, secretary-general of the Commonwealth, explains why disaster readiness is critical for Africa, and what the Commonwealth is doing about it.

NRCS Approvals
- NRCS-approved safety footwear - updates since April 2019.
- NRCS-approved respiratory protective devices - updates since June 2019.

- Preventing manipulation of automated face recognition - research from the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.
- European Commission launches warning app.

Products & Services
- ALCO-Safe partners with firm in Ghana to local supply and repair of breathalyser equipment.
- Bayer launches a new tool in the fight against malaria.
- Monitor water levels and flows from mobiles.
- Pro-Fit: We're confident in SA's future, and expanding to prove it.
- Sisi unveils fall arrest system for women.
- Wolverine SA gets NRCS approval for boots and enters SA safety market.

Buyers' Guide
- What's on offer.

Advertisers in this Issue
A+A Fair (2), Bar Global Trading/Wolverine/Buckmaster (13), BBF Safety Group/Bova Safety Wear (5), Claw Boot (15), Protekta Safety Gear (7), Rebel SafetyGear / (9), Selective International/Kaliber (11).

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