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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol82 No6 June 2019

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Business Barometer
- Brand Geyser, EVA Industries: If thingsget just a little bit better...
- Charles Poole, Design Unique Belts:We need political know-how as well as political will.
- Peter Nashed,Dr Jacob's Com fort Shoes Let's hope summer improves.
- Shaheen Hoosen, Trends Your Dayto Day Centre: There's an oversupply of importedfootwear.

Behind The Brand
- Tsonga: The aim is to be a little better every day

Business News
- Footgeardeal 'a calculated risk,but we stand out from our rivals.'
- Bata Africa presidentAlberto Errico to headBataSA.
- Queue goes back to Steve Miller,Dodo to expand Franco Ceccato chain.

- Southern African Vinyls Association launches Vinyl-dot logo for safe PVC product.

Aid Programme
- SES: Projects 'makinga difference to manufacturing in SA.'

- East African Community reducesduties on imported footwear components.
- EU-Mercosur agreement:Abolition of duties 'new opportunity for Italian footwear'.

- Are we 'post-sneaker', asks NPD.
- Dangee Carken: Sneakers, animal prints, espadrilles and more.

Notice Board
- Obituary:Cecil Hansen, CL Hansen Agencies.

- Drop in export figures 'needs to be investigated' as SAFLEC encourages broader participation in export effort.

- Bata SA looks to youth for inspiration.

- Source Africa and ATF.

Advertisers in this Issue
Creative Leathergoods Manufacturers (7), Europa Art (OFC), Kaytex Belts (8), Southern African Vinyls Association Vinyl-dot (12), Strassberger's (9), Tuftex (3).

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