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S&V African Leather Magazine Vol13 No7 July 2019

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- Okapuka Tannery: 'All Namibian hide companies sitting on stocks'.

- Lanxess sells chrome chemicals business to Chinese company Brother Enterprises because chrome 'no longer fits our focus on specialty chemicals'.

The Anti-Leather Lobby
- In a detailed rebuttal, leather scientist Karl Flowers debunks the myths about leather's (and the meat industry's) health and environmental impacts.
- Fur ban a signature away from becoming California law, reports Apparel News.
- The Amazon fires prompt Vans, Timberland and others to stop buying Brazilian leather, reports Quartz Magazine.

- Sustainable leather production part 22: Reducing chrome discharge from a tannery, by Dr Clive Jackson-Moss of the ISTT.

Weights & Measures
- Compiled by the ISTT.

An Eclectic View
- Columnist H. Proctor writes about Leather Processing (Another Way).

- All Africa Leather Fair 'fully booked', say new organisers.
- Pan African Leather Fair to debut in Cairo next year.

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Buckman (2), ISTT (OFC), Lanxess (4), Mimosa (7), Rolfes Leather Division (10), SCOT (13).

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