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S&V African Leather Magazine Vol14 No10 October 2020

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3 Sam Setter's Pills
- A new quip from Sam Setter in each issue.

3 Furniture Upholstery: Focus on Leather's Cinderella Market
- Demand up by 20%, says Hannitan's Rudolf Hanni.
- Finding hides isn't a problem - but there are caveats, says Fusion Leather's Denzil Spolander.
- Furniture influencing hide prices? That's fake news, says Midland Leather's Rudie Nieuwoudt.
- Similar quantities to last year, but in a rush, says Nakara's Theo Jauss.
- Demand up, prices still stable, says Leatherite's Kevin Thompson.
- Temporary hide shortage has cause price blip, says Giardini Pellami's Gabrielle Giardini.
- Chinese demand here to stay, says OR Leather's Johan May.
- Covid has boosted all local manufacturing, says Calgan Lounge's Cecil Kagan.
- Demand for leather furniture is up, but has settled down a bit, says Bravo Group's Heath Mirtle.

9 Exotic Leathers
- The science behind farming exotics and conservation - quotes from Dr Daniel Natusch of Epic Biodiversity.
- Nordstrom: Another retailer bows to pressure.
- A temporary victory for the industry against the State of California, with the battle to be renewed in November.
- Zambian crocodile farmers praise budget move on export duty.

14 Leather for Crafters
- Factory Depot: It's about price, price and price, says Shiraz Osman.

15 Footwear Leathers
- Zamleather pledges continued support for local cattle industry as Zambian Government steps up campaign for local manufacturing.

15 Machinery
- Zambia Leather Industries Association seeks machinery from SA.

16 An Eclectic View
- Columnist H. Proctor writes about Biosphere vs. Technospere, and tanning's place in both worlds.

17 Weights & Measures
- Compiled by the ISTT.

18 Education
- ERRETRE and Leather Naturally to again support the IULTCS Young Leather Scientist Grant Programme in 2021.

19 Agriculture
- Fuel price drop a boost in time for planting, says FNB Agri-Business senior agricultural economist Paul Makube.

19 Trade
- South African hides, skins and leather trade statistics for July.

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In The Next Issue
- Automotive upholstery leather - What does 2021 hold?

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