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S&V African Leather Magazine Vol15 No1 January 2021

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3 Sam Setter's Pills
- A new quip from Sam Setter in each issue.

3 Hide Prices: Why The Increase?
- Lots of movement, but no simple answers.'s Vera Dordick examines markets around the world and says each region has different circumstances.
- We'll follow global trends, says CPC's Greg Feinberg.
- No price movement in Tanzania, says LAT's Freddy Kabala.

7 An Eclectic View
- In a follow-up to their last article, columnists A. Clare and H. Proctor examine salt-free pickling.

11 Tanning Science Decoded
- The third in a new series by Dr Clive Jackson-Moss of the ISTT, summarising complicated research papers. In this issue: The use of ultrasound to speed up the dyeing process.

15 Weights & Measures
- Compiled by the ISTT.

17 Technology
- Hüni and Team Duemila in software collaboration.

17 Notice Board
- Freddy Kabala is the new executive director of the Leather Association of Tanzania.
- Why Zambia's creative industry could do with a touch of leather, by ZamLeather GM Richard Franklin.

19 Agriculture
- Developing Nestlé's first net zero dairy farm - in South Africa.
- SA's Department of Agriculture calls on farmers to vaccinate against Rift Valley Fever.

Advertisers in this Issue
Cape Karoo International Ltd (OFC), ISTT (4), Lanxess (5), Mimosa (7), Rolfes Leather Division (9), SHALC (14), Stahl (11).

In The Next Issue
- Wet blues. Out on February 20.

To Our Readers
- This is the last issue of S&V African Leather for the year. The S&V Weekly Newsletter will continue through December if you have anything you wish to share with us. We wish readers a peaceful Festive Season, a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. 2021 can hardly be more of a strange year than 2020 has been!

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