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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol88 No1 January 2022

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03 Focus Sector
- Sneakers: If local manufacturing is to grow, it must find a way of getting into this market.

05 The U.S. Market
- Top 5 retail trends to watch in the new year.

06 Sector Reports
- Safety footwear - BBF: Championing local manufacturing in workplace safety solutions.

10 Components
- Logomotif: Branding made visible.

11 Logistics
- The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is developing IT solutions to counter supply bottlenecks.

12 Sustainability
- Huntsman and Shincell create fully recyclable TPU foam for footwear.

13 Italy
- Recovery led by branded exports.

13 Fairs & Events
- Première Vision appoints fashion director.

14 Notice Board
- Nigel Plumpton obituary: The best times in life were around the campfire.
- Chris Bezuidenhout obituary: The Cross Trainer mourns the loss of its GM.
- Ron MacNiven obituary: A corporate man with a rebellious sense of humour.

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BBF Safety Group (OFC), Caterpillar / Medicus Footwear (05), Freestyle Genuine Handcrafted Leather (02), Italtan (below), S&V Calendar (10), S&V Diretory (11), SA Footwear & Leather Export Council (07), Saddler Belts (06), Soft Wear (04).

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- Innovative manufacturers: New ideas, new looks, new ways of doing things.

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