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S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol88 No7 July 2022

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03 Local Sourcing And Chains
- TFG: Investigating local sourcing for various categories.
- Pepkor: In-house design showing potential.
- Queue: Local handbag sourcing very successful, shoes less so.
- Kingsmead: A lot will depend on innovation.

11 Sector Reports
- Retail: Return to apparel has worked, says Game.
- Brands: Kinetic Brands re-launches Viyella, Carducci and C Squared.
- Manufacturing: Bolton Footwear is 'striving for greater heights'.
- Manufacturing: Rustic Roots says House & Garden Show was a big boost.
- Components: Acquisition of Texon expands Coats' presence in athleisure footwear.

14 The US Market
- 4 forces feeding excess inventory.
- The heightened focus on health and wellness is reshaping apparel, footwear and sporting goods markets, says NPD.

16 The Italian Footwear Industry
- Assocalzaturifici: 'The recovery that began in 2021 is overshadowed by the clouds on the horizon.'

17 Trade Fairs & Conferences
- Assomac and UITIC join forces to promote Simac Tanning Tech and International Footwear Technology Congress.

19 Notice Board
- Obituary for Clifford West, founder of Liqui-Seal.

21 Knowledge Transfer, Education & Training
- ARSUTORIA workshops resume.
- Leather: An introduction - The third in a 4-part series by Richard Daniels for people with little or no knowledge about leather.

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ASSOCALZATURIFICI/MICAM Milano (10), BBF Safety Group (OFC), Bolton Footwear / Grasshoppers (07), Freestyle Genuine Handcrafted Leather (08), FrontierCo/Delsey (02), FrontierCo/Busby (04), Hi-Tec (06), Italtan (15), JFK Trading/Jack Parcels (14), Kaytex Belts / Carducci (16), S&V Calendar (01), S&V Directory (18), SAFLEC (20), Saddler Belts (05).

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- More on: Can local manufacturers get a bigger share of the chain buy?

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