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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.2 No.20, May 23, 2016

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Cambrelle fake producer successfully sued in China

From Simon Yarwood, WTP Creative
After a two-year battle, Camtex Fabrics Limited, the manufacturer of Cambrelle®, the world's leading breathable, moisture-absorbing footwear lining, has won a landmark decision in the Zhejiang Province Rui-an City People's Court against a Chinese company that infringed their intellectual property rights.
The Court found that the defendant, Wenzhou Superteng, had infringed Article 57 of the trademark law of the People's Republic of China. The Court had previously confiscated 6.2 tons of imitation piqué fabric along with an embossing roll that had enabled the company to copy the trademarked design.
Wenzhou Superteng appealed the original judgement passed on December 1st 2015, an appeal which failed.  Wenzhou Superteng have been fined a six-figure sum of money.
Camtex Fabrics managing director, Kieran O'Hare, decided to press charges against Wenzhou Superteng having caught the company brazenly selling material it claimed was Cambrelle at the INDEX exhibition in Geneva in 2014. Not only was the Chinese company exhibiting the imitation fabric on its stand, it also had the Cambrelle logo on posters and business cards.
Tracking them to the Cinte Techtextil China, in September 2014, Mr O'Hare again saw Wenzhou Superteng representatives openly promoting and claiming to sell Cambrelle. On this occasion and with the assistance of a local law firm he was able to have the product removed from the stand and to initiate a legal case against the defendant in China.
Mr O'Hare said that the result was only made possible with the help of their joint-venture partner Cosmo in Hong Kong who pursued the offenders. Securing the help of local legal experts and investigators, has been crucial in this victory over the counterfeiters. "You can't do this from afar," he said. "You need to be on the ground to gather evidence and to convince the authorities to investigate and verify for themselves what is going on."


The LRI project: Week 1

Of rabbit holes, corrugated roads and a very positive start

From Karl Flowers, consultant to the DTI on the proposed Leather Research Institute
The feasibility consultation kicked off with Alice peering into the rabbit hole (tanner’s speak for trying to understand the footwear industry). Fortunately, we were in the competent hands of John Comley and Jonathon Hallowes at Eddels, who allowed a simple tanner insight into an exciting company. They explained their wants and needs, especially a reinvigoration of polyurethane manufacture and PU local knowledge.
Up the road at Dick Whittington, a very productive meeting with Arveen Boodhoo, Dr May Mkhize, and Mike Vernon, where the subject included innovative leather technologies and how a leather research institute could be used to work with shoemakers to use these technologies in marketing of their footwear. After a brief meeting with the Sutherland/Leather From Hart’s Wynand Hart, Lamar Hart and Craig Munro, the delegation had to rapidly head into Durban for a meeting with Zeph Nhleko, deputy DG (Trade and Industry Development) in the KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, and other members of the proposed leather hub that will be based in the Edendale area. A very positive meeting about the role a possible LRI could play in future hubs and a comprehensive update about the possible business park were the focus of the meeting.
On Tuesday, discussions with Sutherland Tannery/Leather from Hart and a tour of the facilities gave the delegation insight into one of SA’s few vegetable tanneries. Granville Steyn from DyStar and Nigel Dunning from Mimosa Extract Co. gave us interesting insights into the wants and needs of the allied chemical industry. The honesty and positivity of chemical suppliers was very apparent.
On Wednesday, the party took to the University of Pretoria, where the discussions with Prof. Anton Ströh, Vice Principal of Institute Planning, and the members of the LRI steering group, talked in detail about how the institute could operate. The afternoon session started with a brief visit to Ditsibi Leatherworks to have a chat to Jeffrey Molokoane about his leather upholstery business. As a small business, his interests revolved around small business support and technical training.
An early start on Thursday took the travellers to the Brits Leather Group for a 7.30 meeting with Benedict Plaatjies and Kobus Louw and a telephone conversation with James Wilsnach. The trip included a tour of the Brits Leather plant and a preview of their expansion plans of their new plant. The discussions were positive and included many good ideas about what the feasibility should address. A short trip to Bader and an excellent meeting with Robert O’Connell, Hans Smit and Tom Ranbin allowed us to cover our first automotive tannery and to meet our first representative of the SA Tanning Employers’ Organisation official. The meeting was extremely productive with an optimistic exchange of suggestions and questions.
To finish the day, the delegation took to the measurement of dirt road corrugations and an amazing trip to Le Croc. An immensely impressive snapshot of the complexity of farming and producing crocodile skins was followed by a lively meeting with Stefan and Jacques van As, and Johan Venter, who have given many considerations to be taken forward into the feasibility.
In general we have been pleasantly surprised by the positivity and support that the feasibility study has attracted so far. – [+27 (0)74 130 7975,]


Footwear wage negotiations: 2nd round

Durban (SA) – The second round for the Footwear section will be held on May 24 and 25.


John Whittle Components changes

From André Compion, MD, PMC Group
Pinetown (SA) –
There have been some changes in ownership at John Whittle Components (Pty) Ltd. Holger Stutz and Gunnar Halbich, both shareholders and directors in Paul Moeller & Company (Pty) Ltd, have taken up an equity stake in John Whittle Components and have also been appointed as directors. André Compion (MD) and Gregg Ripley-Evans (sales & development director) remain on at JWC as shareholders and directors.
There are no changes at Paul Moeller & Co where the shareholders and directors are André Compion, Gunnar Halbich and Holger Stutz.  Rolf Oltmanns continues in his role as chairman of the group.
The changes are purely for financial reasons related to cash flow and banking requirements.


SATRA membership at 8-year high

Kettering (UK) – Subscription numbers to the research and testing organisation Satra, established in 1919, have risen steadily since the recession began in 2007, according to a release on May 17.

SATRA CE Austin Simmons said: “The recession saw many of our members experience significant difficulties and a number even went out of business. Since then our membership base has gradually recovered increasing year on year. During 2015 we had numerically and financially the best year we have had for members for almost ten years.” SATRA members comprise material and component suppliers, manufacturers, distributers, sourcing companies, retailers and end users throughout the footwear and leather goods supply chain.
Simmons went on to say “With the majority of footwear production now in Asia it is unsurprising that over a quarter of our members are from China or its near neighbours. However, we retain around a quarter of our membership as British companies who either manufacture or source footwear. The remainder make up a truly global network with SATRA servicing 68 countries world-wide.” – [,]



Johannesburg(SA) – Kirsty Bennett will be joining the Jet Girls footwear team as specialist buyer. Sumeya Sha will be moving to Jet Men’s and Boys’ smalls.


ABSA Agri Trends 17/05: Hides & skins prices

The average hide price over the past week was R14.50/kg green. Hide prices are determined by the average of RMAA and independent companies.
The average price for Dorper skins was R60.77/skin and Merino was R92.41/skin.
The average price for ostrich skins was R1486.14.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin Ostrich/skin
27/11 13.11 78.75 71.11  
15/01 13.45 83.13 84.89  
22/01 13.79 82.50 79.79  
29/01 13.93 84.44 79.17  
05/02 14.18 79.00 85.37 1590.25
12/02 14.35 79.17 93.27 1554.18
23/02 13.76 76.50 96.02 1561.59
01/03 14.09 68.93 94.00 1558.90
08/03 14.20 67.50 93.29 1550.67
18/03       1520.66
25/03       1508.65
29/03 13.85 63.85 88.37  
01/04       1499.35
05/04 14.15 64.55 87.92  
12/04 14.21 64.55 99.17 1434.36
10/05 14.66 60.00 91.08 1434.36


Ostrich meat price progression
Date Exports Heated Domestic
05/02 45.12 35.55 11.61
12/02 45.12 32.78 11.61
23/02 43.30 32.73 11.61
01/03 42.88 32.46 11.61
08/03 42.29 32.06 11.61
18/03 41.97 31.85 11.61
25/03 41.94 31.83 11.61
01/04 42.09 31.93 11.61
29/04 40.11 30.61 11.61
06/05 39.84 30.43 11.61
10/05 40.49 39.84 11.61


Reader request

Sine Strydom of Uniforms of George has sent the following request:
Could you please point us in the right direction as to where to find a supplier for a black cross trainer type shoe. Price must not be more than R300. – [082 649 0084, 044 874 6739,,


They Said It

"That makes a nice change. I must tell my wife. She never takes me anywhere for fear my presence will lower the standards there." - Equator Accessories’ Leon Buhr.

"Thanks for mentioning me in the birthdays this week.  I see that I can now retire next year and do not have to wait another 3 years. I really love you for that!" - SAFLEC finance & admin manager Louise Pelser.

"Please try again. Or else I’ll have to bring in the big guns from IT. And you’re right. This is hectically frustrating. I’m on my 2nd dose of Prozac." - AIV Investments’ Anwar Vahed after email communication between us broke down.


Birthdays this week

23/05/1950: Dean Padayachee, Daylan Footwear, Durban.
24/05/1970: Carla Maritz, Mott! Shu’s, Pretoria.
25/05/1961: Gerald Naidoo, National Bargaining Council, Durban.
26/05/1966: Manoj Morar, Impressions, Vryheid.
26/05/1951: Wessel Nolte, Cedar Shoes & Accessories, Bloemfontein.
27/05/1969: Dean Tharman, Ten Digits, George.
27/05/1944: Richard Bunyard, left the industry, formerly GW Cowie & Co, Durban.
28/05/1958: Brigitte Davidow, Nakara, Windhoek.
29/05/1980: Andrew Lang, Rolfes Chemicals, Germiston.
29/05/1987: Saahir Bhamjee, Sbzee Global Trading, Johannesburg.


In Memoriam this week

24/05/2013: Casper Louw (b. 11/04/1944), Busy Bag [closed], Stanger.
27/05/2002: Stan Austin (b. 28/11/1915), Austin Shoes [closed], Pietermaritzburg.
28/05/2011: Charles Chavkin (b. 20/03/1930), Charles Chavkin Agencies, Johannesburg.


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