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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.2 No.38, September 26, 2016

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Thieves hit Armadillo

Johannesburg (SA) – Men’s footwear importer Armadillo Footwear lost an undisclosed quantity of footwear – believed to be several thousand pairs, most of them pre-sold – during a break-in on September 2.
        Director Gary Woolfson said the thieves entered and left the building twice in response to checks by the security company following the alarm going off. He said the security company had checked the front door, but not the building’s rear entrance, which leads into the warehouse.
        He said there was no sign of the footwear in retail stores, leading him to assume they were being sold privately, or that they had been taken across a border.
        He said Armadillo was not fully covered against theft, but that he expected the security company to “come to the party”.



GDS goes back to September – and will start on a Sunday

Düsseldorf (Germany) – The GDS Summer edition will go back to being held in early September from next year, the organisers have announced, and it will run from a Sunday to a Tuesday. The actual dates were not included in the release.
        The GDS and Tag It! Summer editions were held in July for the last 3 years. Next year’s Winter edition will still be held in February – from 7-9 – and will run from Tuesday to Thursday.
        Explaining the decision, Messe Düsseldorf president and CEO Werner Matthias Dornscheidt said: “The footwear sector continues to be in motion: consumers’ behaviour is changing; online-only players and vertical operations are altering their retail structures. A trade show has to react to such changes. Three years ago we agreed with trade and industry to pitch GDS as a communications and information platform at earlier dates – in keeping with the then status quo.
        “Many things have happened in the meantime and the shoe market is highly dynamic. Whoever you talk to – all confirm that the market is governed by great insecurity. Even though the needs of the individual market players vary extremely, one insight emerged clearly in the in-depth conversations with the extended circle of advisors: The sector wishes to have a strong international GDS. There are several objectives to be met: GDS remains an important basis for exchange of information. The industry wants to present its brand values at GDS as before but at the same time, placing/ taking orders should in future move more centre stage. In view of the market changes the sector also feels that it is important to have GDS moved closer to the season. This is why we have decided together with the extended Advisory Board to hold the Summer 2017 GDS in early September. Furthermore, the trade show will be held from Sunday to Tuesday in order to also accommodate smaller-sized retailers.” – Maria-Sawa Possinke, GDS/tag it! Press Department [+49.211.4560-996,]



Aymod Turkey Show

Durban (SA) – 10 SAFLEC members are attending the Aymod Show in Turkey. Among them are Ribtech cc, CC Leather, Arthurs Choice, Foot Style, Crouch Footwear, Caprini Footwear and Chimpel. 



ABSA Agri Trends 13/09: Hides & skins prices

The average bovine hide price over the past week was R15.33//kg green. Hide prices are determined by the average of RMAA and independent companies.
        The average price for Dorper skins was R34.80/skin and Merino was R80.91/skin.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
27/11 13.11 78.75 71.11
15/01 13.45 83.13 84.89
22/01 13.79 82.50 79.79
29/01 13.93 84.44 79.17
05/02 14.18 79.00 85.37
12/02 14.35 79.17 93.27
23/02 13.76 76.50 96.02
01/03 14.09 68.93 94.00
08/03 14.20 67.50 93.29
29/03 13.85 63.85 88.37
05/04 14.15 64.55 87.92
12/04 14.21 64.55 99.17
10/05 14.66 60.00 91.08
17/05 14.50 60.77 92.41
31/05 14.60 54.09 89.48
07/06 15.01 60.42 99.13
14/06 15.08 58.00 87.27
21/06 15.11 56.50 92.27
28/06 15.25 55.42 94.23
19/07 15.30 50.42 92.98
26/07 15.42 46.82 89.06
16/08 15.30 39.92 79.52
23/08 15.29 38.77 78.13
31/08 15.32 43.78 65.51
06/09 15.31 35.82 76.98



Statistics SA


Trade sales: Textiles, clothing, footwear, leather goods
(R million) Apr-Jun 2015 Apr-Jun 2016 % change
Wholesale 9 064 7 954 -12.2
Retail 37 624 38 617 2.6
Manufacturing: Production & sales
  Jan-Mar 2016 Apr-Jun 2016 % change
Leather & Leather Products 113.9 120.9 6.1
Footwear 99.9 99.3 -0.6



National Footwear & Leather Cluster road show:
Schedule of strategy presentations on the NFLC round the country.

Date: 29/9
City: Cape Town
Venue: Jordan & Co
Contact: Julia Paulse
RSVP (Required):
Tel: 044 620 2121

Date: 04/10
City: Pietermaritzburg
Venue: Eddels Shoes
Contact: Jonathan Hallowes
RSVP (Required):
Tel: 033 342 8111

Date: 05/10
City: Durban
Venue: 40 Brooklyn Rd, Jacobs
Contact: Leeson Govender
RSVP (Required):
Tel: 031 461 1906

Date: 06/10
City: Port Elizabeth
Venue: Bagshaw Footwear
Contact: Tania Kunneke
RSVP (Required):
Tel: 041 4843291
Date: 14/10
City: Pretoria
Venue: Exotic Leather SA
Contact: Nobri Booyzen
RSVP (Required):
Tel: 012 529 8386

NB: For times and dates by which you must respond, see last week’s newsletter or contact the people above.




Kathu (SA) – Longstanding Northern Cape outfitter Eyesele & Fouchee closed on May 6, according to partners Magrietha Spangenberg and Marianne Pienaar.



Birthdays this week

26/09/1934: Siva Pillay, Allateens Bopsi Footwear, Durban.
26/09/1940: Cedric Novis, emigrated, formerly Bolwear.
26/09/1944: Dick Smyth, designer, Durban.
26/09/1948: Melt van Niekerk, Checkmate, Secunda.
26/09/1970: Brett Pengelly, Trail Mix Trading, Durban.
27/09/1943: Rashid Mayet, agent, Johannesburg.
27/09/1933: Mussa Hajat, retired, formerly Footwear Centre, Blantyre, Malawi.
27/09/1973: Tracy Lopez, Lopez Leathers, Cape Town.
28/09/1938: Mervin Bloom, retired, formerly Meroda Footwear [closed], Cape Town.
28/09/1967: Rajesh Morar, Quik Serv Shoes, Pietermaritzburg.
29/09/1942: Moon Govender, Arc Footwear, Durban.
29/09/1959: Ismail Haffejee, Capri Bag, Durban.
29/09/1957: Monica Hoffman, Chafkins, Benoni.
29/09/1962: Venessa Schmid, The Whatnot, Cape Town.
29/09/1963: Gavin Wilkins, formerly Eddels Shoes, Pietermaritzburg.
29/09/1967: Hitesh Motiram, Nakuls, White River.
29/09/1968: Milton Zwart, Ribtech, Pietermaritzburg.
29/09/1964: Denzil Spolander, African Gameskin Group, Cape Town.
30/09/1934: Ben Peters, Tuftex, Pinetown.
30/09/1942: Cassim Shaikh, Hopewell Footwear, Durban.
30/09/1944: Dennis Wilkens, retired, formerly Martin Johnson [closed], Pietermaritzburg.
30/09/1950: Mohamed Farouk Limbada, Kirimon Traders, Durban.
30/09/1966: P ‘Segie’ Govender, Image Footwear, New Germany.
01/10/1954: Essop Kader, Kaytex Belts, Pretoria.
01/10/1960: Amanda McCarthy, Groundcover Leather Company, Curry’s Post.
01/10/1964: Steven Broughton, African Hide Trading, Port Elizabeth.
02/10/1936: Cyril Saxe, Lonshoe Holdings, Cape Town.
02/10/1947: Ronnie Ackermann, Curio City, Knysna.
02/10/1962: Johan Bezuidenhout, Hidskin Processors, Johannesburg.


In Memoriam this week

26/09/1994: Cinnie Bonthuys, Crown Footwear, Pinetown.
29/09/2012: Richard McCulley (b. 14/09/1964), agent, Cape Town.
29/09/2004: Noel Eric Teifel (b. 06/03/1928), NE Teifel & Co, Midrand.
02/10/1998: Sarel Roets, Leatherite, Pretoria.

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