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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.3 No.25, June 26, 2017

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Wage negotiations: Footwear deadlocked

Durban (SA) – Wage negotiations in the Footwear Sector before a CCMA-accredited external mediator have stalled after employers yesterday (Monday) said they were "unable to revise their offer", according to National Bargaining Council of the Leather Industry of SA general secretary Gerald Naidoo. He said the unions, NULAW and SACTWU, were now "considering their options", and would consult with the approximately 30 shop stewards who form the next tier.
       The existing wage agreement lapses on Friday.
       If the 2 sides are unable to settle, the commissioner will issue a certificate of outcome indicating that the dispute remains unresolved. A certificate of outcome opens the way for a party to embark on industrial action.
       Meanwhile the General Goods & Handbag Section last week settled on an increase of 8% on the minimum prescribed wage rates. There was also agreement to extend the scope of the Family Responsibility Leave to cover the “illness of a spouse or life partner”.
       "The parties to the Tanning Sector have not reached agreement as yet and a further date for the continuation of the conciliation of the dispute is scheduled for 12th July 2017," he said. While that is after the June 30 deadline, "there could be an agreement with regard to back pay". – [+27 (0)31 305 8230,]


Chicken bird flu outbreak stops ostrich meat exports

Oudtshoorn (SA) – The outbreak of the highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of Avian Influenza - 'bird flu' - on 2 poultry farms in Mpumalanga has led to the immediate ban on the export of raw ostrich meat to the European Union, according to Piet Kleyn, CEO of the SA Ostrich Business Chamber.
       Noting that it was difficult to predict how long the ban would be in place, he said it was a very difficult strain to eradicate. He said the EU was battling to eradicate an outbreak of the same virus 6 months ago, and authorities in the USA faced a similar problem. Affected countries can only apply to resume exports 3 months after the last outbreak has been effectively dealt with.
       Raw ostrich meat exports resumed in August 2015 after a 4-and-a-half year absence because of bird flu.
       "Sales were picking up nicely over the last couple of months, even though it's the low season," he said. "The processors will now focus again on heat-treated meat exports. Producers must also step up their bio-security measures, and we must keep the farmers motivated to continue with ostrich. I think it's going to be difficult but we keep our fingers crossed that the situation will be resolved ASAP." - [+27 (0)44 272 3336,]



Eddels: Orders deferred, not cancelled

Pietermaritzburg (SA) – Eddels Shoes CEO John Comley has dismissed industry reports of major cancellations at its synthetic upper footwear plant, which produces for chains.
       "There's been a timing issue," he said. "May was a shocker for retail, and our customers had to move things down the line a bit.
       "If we'd had cancellations, we'd be on short time."



Durban (SA) – Patrick Mitchell left Mr Price Group in late May to join The Hub as footwear technologist.
       He joined Mr Price Group from a supplier 8 years ago. He started as a roaming QA inspector, then began assisting Tony Vaubell with the growing footwear for Mr Price, Sport and Miladys. He ended up handling the kids' and men’s footwear leaving Vaubell to handle women's footwear, which is now the second biggest category in MRP apparel.


They Said It

"It’s sad when I know more names on the obituary list than I do on the birthday list!" - Chris Ryder, Novita Shoes.

"No-one aspires to be a machinist." - C&R Brand Solutions MD Shaun Esson on the skills problem faced by the handbags and general goods industry.

"Sorry, that’s the only mug shot I have on file at the moment. In the others, I am in a Speedo, which would not be fair or safe for  your readers to view." - Shaun Esson again, in response to a request for an updated photo to go with his comments in the upcoming S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine.



July 13: SAFLEC AGM, Coastlands Hotel, Umhlanga. +27 (0)31 266 1472,
August 2: SAFLIA AGM, venue to be confirmed, Cape Town. 0800SAFLIA,
August 18-22: Podiatry Association of SA 11th Biennial Congress, The Maslow, Sandton.


Birthdays this week

26/06/1935: Jurgen Wedekind, retired, formerly Bellstedt, Durban.
26/06/1945: John ‘Zorb’ Caryer, retired, formerly Camdeboo Meat Processing, Graaff Reinet.
27/06/19??: Mpho Ramoshaba, the DTI, Pretoria.
28/06/1948: Joan Furner, Shoe Style, Johannesburg.
28/06/1957: AH Bulbulia, formerly Papa Shoes/Bulhafi Shoes, Pretoria.
28/06/1975: Zane Ashraf, Foot Style, Durban.
30/06/1948: John Ashworth, Little Slipper, Port Elizabeth.
01/07/1932: Allan Capell, retired, formerly Capelli [closed], Durban.
01/07/1953: Bobby Janky, retired, formerly Michelle Footwear, Durban.
01/07/1963: Tommy Sharma, Futura Footwear, Pinetown.
02/07/1949: Maria Augusta Craveiro, Goosie’s, Ladybrand.
02/07/1959: Leo Greef, formerly Southern Hemisphere Trading Trust, Uitenhage.
02/07/1971: Rajeev Matai, Mantella Q Leather, Pinetown.


In Memoriam this week

27/06/2015: Dave Bromfield (b. 19/11/1946), Apeco, Pinetown.
28/06/1996: Geoff Hirsch, S&V, Durban.
29/06/2014: Joe Vivian (b. 02/11/1928), agent, Cape Town.
01/07/2016: Matthew Barnard (b. 07/05/1936), Stanhope Boot & Shoe, Pinetown.
02/07/1997: Clemente Villani, Villani Shoes, Johannesburg.
02/07/2010: Justin McCarthy (b. 29/01/1958), Groundcover, Curry’s Post.

Do you have any names you’d like to add to our list of birthdays and In Memoriam? Please send the details.


ABSA Agri Trends 23/06: Hides & skins prices

The average bovine hide price over the past week was R14.40/kg green. Hide prices are determined by the average of RMAA and independent companies. The average price for Dorper skins was R40.42/skin and Merino was R101.25/skin.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
19/01 15.34 45.56 81.38
24/01 15.17 40.92 89.52
31/01 15.10 46.00 94.55
14/02 14.65 47.33 95.29
15/03 14.25 39.30 78.75
24/03 14.13 45.27 94.45
28/03 14.07 45.27 94.45
04/04 14.83 41.92 87.58
11/04 14.68 41.92 84.12
19/04 14.77 43.85 92.32
25/04 14.75 41.25 92.27
04/05 14.79 43.33 92.69
10/05 14.75 40.50 88.41
16/05 14.58 40.83 90.96
31/05 14.62 40.50 87.95
09/06 14.58 41.82 96.35


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