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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.3 No.35, September 4, 2017

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Neucoat to produce local synthetic upper material range

Pinetown (SA) – Beier Group subsidiary Neucoat plans to reintroduce a range of locally-made PU footwear upper materials for the first time in over 20 years. No launch date has been set.
       Group MD Wolfgang Beier said Neucoat had converted PVC coating equipment back to again handle PU.
       "Initially, we were trying to develop a coating for split leathers for Mossop Western Leathers," he said. "That project succeeded from a technical point of view, and in the process we realised there were other opportunities to develop product technically far superior to some of the upper materials which are being imported."
       He said synthetic upper school shoes offered a big initial market.
       "As a group our focus is on localisation," he said. "We have to perfect the processes and calculate the available volumes. We'd probably start with black and browns and maybe white, and we'd look at some variants in terms of backers."


Pepkor Speciality Division appointment

George (SA) – Bernard Mostert, CEO of Tekkie Town, has been appointed Group MD of Pepkor Speciality Division, which incorporates Dunn's, John Craig, Refinery, Shoe City and Tekkie Town.



Woolworths clothing sales profits down

Cape Town (SA) – Woolworths' clothing and general merchandise division turnover for the 52 weeks to June 25 was up 1.4% to R13.9 billion, but with comparable sales down 0.9% and 2.0% net new space, according to the results published last week. Gross profit was up 0.5%, with the company's comment that there were margin gains through sourcing, offset by higher promotions. Adjusted operating profit was down 6% to R2.2 billion.
       It said second half performance was significantly impacted by subdued consumer confidence and aggressive promotional activity.
       By comparison, the food division's adjusted operating profit was up 8.3% to nearly R2 billion.
       The adjusted operating profit of Australian subsidiary David Jones was down 25.3% to A$127 million (R1.3 billion).
       The adjusted operating profit of its other Australian subsidiary, Country Road, was up 1% to A$98 million (R1 billion). - [View PDF]


Sutherland in liquidation

Pietermaritzburg (SA) – Sutherland Tannery (Pty) Ltd went into liquidation on Friday. A liquidator or liquidators will be appointed this week.



Strassberger certificate of recognition

Cape Town (SA) – It was inaccurately reported in the last issue of S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine that Strassberger Skoene had been awarded a certificate of recognition by SAFLIA at its AGM for its contribution of footwear to victims of the Knysna fire.
       In fact, the award was for its contribution of the company and its MD, Hennie du Plessis, to the community of the small town of Clanwilliam over nearly 50 years.
       "This award is very rarely handed out," SAFLIA executive director Jirka Vymetal wrote.
       Strassberger is South Africa's - perhaps Africa's - oldest surviving footwear manufacturer, originally founded in 1830 by German missionaries in Wuppertal.


They Said It

"I gave a small speech as to why Hennie of Strassbergers was awarded the certificate. I think you were catching a nap." - Jirka Vymetal of SAFLIA in an email to S&V. See the article above.




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November 21-23: ATF Trade Exhibition, Cape Town International Convention Centre. Deidre Harte, +27 (0)21 790 5849,


Birthdays this week

04/09/1952: Julian Pledger, left the industry, formerly Faith Footwear [closed], Port Elizabeth.
04/09/1955: David Scott, exporter, Pinetown.
04/09/1963: Peter Crouch, Crouch Footwear, Pietermaritzburg.
05/09/1954: Abdul Samad, Bob’s Shoe Centre, Johannesburg.
05/09/1989: Erlank van Zyl, Ostriland, Citrusdal.
06/09/1957: Yusuf Bhabha, Shoe Boutique, Secunda.
06/09/1953: Tony Stottelaar, Leather Systems SA, Port Elizabeth.
07/09/1981: Mohamed A Lalla, Tysons Shoe & Clothing, Vereeniging.
07/09/1972: Karl Flowers, Authenticae, Northampton.
08/09/1960: Paulo da Silva, emigrated, formerly Bambi Shoes [closed], Durban.
08/09/1970: Kevin Naidu, Shenlea Agencies, Durban.
09/09/1929: Bill Hoffman Erlings, Johannesburg.
09/09/1952: Abisha Tembo, the DTI, Pretoria.
09/09/1953: Fernando Santos, Bolton Footwear, Cape Town.


In Memoriam this week

04/09/2012: Judi Moakes (b. 13/04/1960), in Northampton, formerly secretary, SLTC (SA Section).
09/09/2000: Erik Peter Rormose (b. 11/03/1934), Bulley’s Tannery/Coja Tannery/Silverton Tannery/KwaNdebele Tanning/Kembe Estates.

Do you have any names you’d like to add to our list of birthdays and In Memoriam? Please send the details.


ABSA Agri Trends 01/09: Hides & skins prices

The average bovine hide price over the past week was R13.14/kg green. Hide prices are determined by the average of RMAA and independent companies. The average price for Dorper skins was R44.09/skin and Merino was R101.25/skin.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
19/01 15.34 45.56 81.38
24/01 15.17 40.92 89.52
31/01 15.10 46.00 94.55
14/02 14.65 47.33 95.29
15/03 14.25 39.30 78.75
24/03 14.13 45.27 94.45
28/03 14.07 45.27 94.45
04/04 14.83 41.92 87.58
11/04 14.68 41.92 84.12
19/04 14.77 43.85 92.32
25/04 14.75 41.25 92.27
04/05 14.79 43.33 92.69
10/05 14.75 40.50 88.41
16/05 14.58 40.83 90.96
31/05 14.62 40.50 87.95
09/06 14.58 41.82 96.35
23/06 14.40 40.42 101.25
29/06 14.30 41.36 98.44
07/07 14.33 43.33 100.94
13/07 14.37 44.44 114.58
28/07 14.14 43.64 97.50
04/08 14.16 43.69 99.64
14/08 14.08 38.99 92.75
18/08 13.70 43.18 98.96
25/08 13.93 43.75 100.96


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