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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.4 No.8, February 26, 2018

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Indian expo: Good product, but needs to grow, say visitors

Cape Town (SA) – The leather & footwear trade expo last week, the third organised by the Indian Government's Council for Leather Exports, attracted over 260 visitors - predominantly retailers, but with a number of component suppliers and manufacturers.
       Most visitors felt the show should have had more than the 40-odd exhibitors, but they were impressed with the high standard of the products on show and the willingness of the exhibitors to negotiate quantities and prices.
       Some visitor comments:
Carey Bloch, managing partner, P Bloch & Co, Johannesburg: It was a little small, but one of the firms we deal with was there, and discussions with them may lead to more business.
Taurique Kanjee, Shoes Group, Cape Town: It was a bit small, but we met up with a company we first had contact with at another show overseas. We're discussing possible business.
Rolandi Conradie, shoe, bag and accessories technologist, Truworths, Cape Town: It was small, but the exhibitors were keen to tell us what else they had available. We don't do much leather at the moment, but it was interesting to see the products.
Stuart Worrall, MD, Elan Polo, Cape Town: We have offices in India, so I went to look at handbags, not shoes. They were offering small enough minimums for us to consider, and if we were bringing footwear, we could piggyback the orders. I'm cautious about dealing with firms which will open themselves up to everyone here, but I was pleasantly surprised by the bag suppliers. The product was amazing. The prices are too high for big orders, but there is a place for them.
Garth Ribbink, MD, Greenaways Natal, Durban: I placed an order for 10 000 ft² of leather, order subject to price confirmation. I thought the footwear was of very good quality.
Lucy Mullins, resource manager, Milady's, Durban: It was quite small, but the quality was excellent. Everyone I met was very informative and keen to follow up. Looking at the products with my Milady's / Mr Price eyes, the prices were obviously high, but I genuinely think something will come out of it. It's a matter of testing what our customers can afford.

According to the CLE, India accounts for a share of 4.53% in South Africa’s total leather import trade of US$ 978.41 million in 2016, "providing ample scope to further enhance our exports to South Africa". Footwear accounts for about 55% of India’s total export of leather and leather products to South Africa followed by finished leather, leather goods and leather garments.



Leather Skills Centre turning out third intake

Centre directors Tony Naidoo and Kishor Harrilal with recent graduates.

The minister with footwear produced by the trainees. - Photos: Shan Pillay

Richmond (SA) – The Centre of Excellence for Leather Skills, which took in its first intake in November 2016, was officially opened by the Minister of Higher Education & Training on Friday along with the Richmond-Indaleni Community Skills Development Centre.
       Owned by Tony Naidoo (who spent 20 years with Eddels, had 2 businesses of his own and spent a year at the NFLC), and Kishor Harrilal (who's career included stints with Martin Johnson, Corrida, Eddels, Crown Footwear, Ledger Footwear, and 9 years in his own business), the centre is funded by the FP&M SETA.
       It concentrates on teaching all aspects of moccasin manufacturing, from cutting to the finished shoe. It chose moccasins because of the potential for high work content.
       The first 20 students completed their training in June last year, the second 20 finish this week, and the third intake will finish in June. The owners expect funding to be ongoing.
       The first 2 intakes have been trained further since, and Naidoo said there is discussion with government to help set up a footwear factory in Richmond to absorb the trainees. He believes the best model would be for the staff to own the equipment.
       The Leather Skills Centre is the first project in the Richmond-Indaleni centre. Other planned skills development projects in the centre include woodwork, garments and computer skills. - +27 (0)33 212 1050,,



EAC to target CTFL growth

Speke Resort (Uganda) – The East African Community is to "prioritize the development of a competitive domestic textile and leather sector to provide affordable, new and quality options of clothing and leather products to EAC citizens", according to a joint communiqué issued at the end of the 19th ordinary summit of heads of state of the EAC which ended on Friday.
       "The summit directed the council to implement this decision and put in place a mechanism that supports textile and leather manufacturing in EAC and report by the 20th summit," the communiqué read.
       The summit was attended by representatives from Uganda, Kenya, South Sudan, Tanzania, Burundi and Rwanda.



Wage negotiations: Dates changed

Durban (SA) – There have been some changes to the dates for the first and second rounds. They are:
       The General Goods & Handbags sector, in Cape Town - first round April10 & 11, second round May 8 & 9.
       The Footwear sector, in Durban - first round April 25 & 26, second round May 29 & 30.
       The Tanning sector in Port Elizabeth - first round April 17 & 18, second round May 15 & 16.


Angelsoft to launch takkie ranges

Matthew Hansen...Aim is to make Angelsoft a year-round brand. The uppers are all leather, including the metallics.

Durban (SA) – Reunion Footwear Components is to launch an Angelsoft range of women's takkies shortly, in unlined leather on light, flexible PU units.
       The range combines various leathers including metallics, in lace-up and slip-on versions.
       "We're offering a degree of customisation in terms of colour combinations, without the higher prices of more expensive brands," said national agent Matthew Hansen. "Angelsoft is and always will be about comfort, but this is a brand that can evolve into fashion. We're broadening the range to include summer and winter styling."
       The women's styles are in sizes 3-9, and there is no standard pre-pack.
       A youths' and men's lace-up range, under the Survivor Comfort brand, will also be launched shortly. The sizes will 2-5 and 6-11.- +27 (0)82 446 5492,



They Said It

"They'll let you know when you've died." - Lopez Leather's Anthony Lopez, introducing someone to S&V. It's nice to know we have our uses.

"Thank you. I can't read between the lines... Hence I am always in trouble with the females..." - Quintin Marais, MD of Rolfes Leather Division. He then tried to dig himself out of it, but too late, too late.


Exchange rates


  Euro € GBP £ US $ Yuan Renminbi ¥
11/12/2017 R15.82 R17.99 R13.40 R2.03
05/01/2018 R14.86 R16.69 R12.33 R1.90
13/01/2018 R15.14 R17.03 R12.41 R1.92
22/01/2018 R14.76 R16.75 R12.08 R1.88
26/01/2018 R14.74 R16.79 R11.86 R1.87
05/02/2018 R14.96 R16.89 R12.02 R1.91
12/02/2018 R14.64 R16.51 R11.95 R1.88
16/02/2018 R14.43 R16.30 R11.63 R1.83
23/02/2018 R14.19 R16.12 R11.54 R1.82




Birthdays this week

26/02/1946: Brian Carmichael, MTL Trading, Cape Town.
26/02/1959: Prakash Chiba, Falcarragy Trading, Durban.
26/02/1961: Keith Lyons, Strayz, Pinetown.
26/02/1981: Ndlela Mazibuko, BBF Safety Group, Pinetown.
27/02/1975: Denver Mahabeer, Edgars, Johannesburg.
28/02/1945: Basil da Silva, Mendelson & Frost, Cape Town.
28/02/1969: Dilesh Dajee, agent, Johannesburg.
02/03/1945: Sakkie van der Vyver, retired, formerly Adidas, Cape Town.
02/03/1953: Garth Ewing, Garth Ewing Agencies, East London.
04/03/1946: John Commins, retired, formerly Wayne Plastics, Johannesburg.
04/03/1950: Mike Gedye, Michelle Footwear, Durban.
04/03/1977: Regan Govender, Paragon Footwear, Pietermaritzburg.


In Memoriam this week

27/02/2010: Jean Mee ‘Mick’ Lailvaux (b. 22/02/1919), Service Agencies (closed), Durban.
27/02/2010: Amanda ‘Mandy’ Terry (b. 20/02/1969), Makro, Johannesburg.
28/02/2016: Johnny Parboo (b. 21/10/1945), Labora Shoes, Durban.
01/03/2004: Sandra Faye Campbell (b. 09/06/1971), Dunn’s Stores, Johannesburg.
02/03/1991: Edward Powell (b. 12/02/1967), agent, Johannesburg.
03/03/2003: Gerry Elder (b. 03/08/1928), agent, Cape Town.
03/03/2010: Ernest Alfred ‘Basie’ Heunis (b. 17/05/1923), Silverton Tannery [closed], Pretoria.

Do you have any names you’d like to add to our list of birthdays and In Memoriam? Please send the details.


ABSA Agri Trends 16/02: Hides & skins prices

No hide and skin prices this week.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
19/01 15.34 45.56 81.38
24/01 15.17 40.92 89.52
31/01 15.10 46.00 94.55
14/02 14.65 47.33 95.29
15/03 14.25 39.30 78.75
24/03 14.13 45.27 94.45
28/03 14.07 45.27 94.45
04/04 14.83 41.92 87.58
11/04 14.68 41.92 84.12
19/04 14.77 43.85 92.32
25/04 14.75 41.25 92.27
04/05 14.79 43.33 92.69
10/05 14.75 40.50 88.41
16/05 14.58 40.83 90.96
31/05 14.62 40.50 87.95
09/06 14.58 41.82 96.35
23/06 14.40 40.42 101.25
29/06 14.30 41.36 98.44
07/07 14.33 43.33 100.94
13/07 14.37 44.44 114.58
28/07 14.14 43.64 97.50
04/08 14.16 43.69 99.64
14/08 14.08 38.99 92.75
18/08 13.70 43.18 98.96
25/08 13.93 43.75 100.96
01/09 13.14 44.09 101.25
08/09 12.88 41.82 100.83
21/09 12.64    
03/10 12.50    
11/10 12.52    
20/10 12.23 39.30 110.23
27/10 12.12 37.30 94.32
02/11 12.19    
10/11 12.24 37.00 101.75
30/11 11.82 32.56 94.25
07/12 11.76 35.50 92.50
14/12 11.53 35.50 91.86
02/02 10.39 32.50 92.22
09/02 10.17 33.13 91.27
16/02 9.94 32.50 88.26


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Job Title: Technical Sales representative
Department: Leather Operations
Reports to: Sales Manager


Matric Certificate
>5 years leather experience
Leather diploma or some leather qualifications an advantage.
Knowledge on retan and finishing.
Knowledge of beam house operations is essential.
Knowledge of retan and finishing would be an advantage.

CVs can be sent to Quintin Marais, the Managing Director for Rolfes Leather –


This business was established in 2007 and is an operational going concern. The Business has a loyal and large customer base in the WC and other provinces and offers excellent and affordable Hunting and Game skins products to the general public and commercial Wholesale/Retail trade. Currently the only business in the Western Cape that tans hides, both commercial and game, with huge growth potential at competitive pricing.
Excellent earnings potential as business has not reached its full growth potential yet. Growth exists in expanding to larger client bases nationally and exploiting the International/export market. We have well trained staff with more than 10 years in the industry. Email me for pictures and more detailed information if you are interested.
Selling Price : R 2,8 MILLION all-inclusive. Negotiable
Enquires : Call JB SMUTS 0827383083 or
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