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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.5 No.20, May 20, 2019

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Retail last week

Comment from 5 retailers on Saturday
"Slow. The month has been quiet with the elections and strikes. The whole centre had been hoping that we would get a boost from the Tourism Indaba at the ICC, but the delegates were warned not to walk in the area because of the strikers. That's the bad side, but now we're looking forward to the Comrades Marathon. It's an up run this year, so we should have a lot of visitors." - Bilkish Mather, member, Connections, Durban, KZN, SA. Independent, 1 store, specialising in sport fashion with a small range of soccer boots and technical cross trainers. She has been retailing at The Workshop in Durban's CBD since it opened 32 years ago.

"Terrible. It's been very, very quiet, this week specifically. People want to buy, but they don't have the money." - Zafar Iqbal, proprietor, Continental Mart, Cape Town, W Cape, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter.

"It's been up and down. On the days when you don't expect much trade, you get some shoppers, but on the days when you do - like around pay day - there's hardly anyone. Weather also plays a big part here. When it's cold and rainy, people don't want to buy shoes." - Abdul Kader, member, Continental Fashions, Newcastle, KZN, SA. Independent, 1 store, family outfitter.

"We've had a very good week. I would say it's because of our marketing on Facebook, and word-of-mouth. Our customers know and trust us. If they want quality, they come here, and first-time customers are often surprised at the variety we stock. We're positive people, so for us, the glass is always half full." - Christiaan Coqui, proprietor, Coqui's Men's Outfitters, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 4 stores.

"It's been a bit quiet, but today has been good. Because of Eid, we're expecting to be busy for the rest of the month." - Imtiyaaz Antulay, GM, Cosmo Fashions, Cape Town, W Cape, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter.



Wage talks: Footwear sector signs 3-year agreement

Durban, KZN, SA – NULAW last week accepted the employers' offer for a 3-year wage agreement in the footwear sector of the National Bargaining Council of the Leather Industry of SA, NBCLI general secretary Gerald Naidoo said. SACTWU indicated that they will respond to SAFLIA’s offer by Friday, 24th May 2019.
       From July 1 this year, wages will go up by 7.2%, with 1 additional day annual holiday bonus. In 2020 and 2021, wages will go up by 7.5%. The agreement had a proviso that should the consumer price index (CPI) in April of the respective year go beyond 8%, the unions may opt to renegotiate the rate of increase, and should it fall below 3%, the employers may opt to renegotiate.
       "This period with no wage negotiations will be used to restructure/re-align the footwear collective agreement," Naidoo said. He said it was the first 36-month agreement in the footwear sector that he could recall.
 - +27 (0)31 305 8230,

General Goods & Handbag Sector:
On May 13, the General Goods and Handbag Sector employer association made a revised offer of settlement on the 2019 General Goods & Handbag Sector wage negotiation. The employer association proposed a 7.5% increase in wages coupled with an increase in the subsistence allowance for drivers and their assistants from R100 to R200 per night.
On May 14, NULAW confirmed its acceptance on the employers’ revised offer while SACTWU will respond to the offer by May 31.

Tanning Sector: The second round of the Tanning wage negotiations will be held in Port Elizabeth on May 22 and 23.



SLTC: Convention numbers grow

Brits, NW Province, SA – The Society of Leather Technologists & Chemists' 67th annual convention over the weekend continued the recovery of the event, with overall visitor numbers up, and, crucially, tannery numbers up. The number of foreign delegates was also up.
       "The committee was happy with the turnout," said Björn Jönsson, president of the Southern African Section of the SLTC. "The general feedback - in terms of the papers, the venue and the organisation - was very positive. We hope we have satisfied everyone's expectations."
       At the SLTC AGM after the papers, the committee decided next year's convention will be held from May 15-17. It will confirm the venue later, but it will remain in the same general area to be close to the biggest concentration of tanneries in the country. The themes will be beamhouse, tanning, retanning and sustainability.
       A full report will be carried in S&V African Leather next week.



Pepkor reports steep rise in earnings

From the Stock Exchange News Service (SENS)
Cape Town, W Cape, SA (May 10) – Pepkor Holdings Limited (previously Steinhoff Africa Retail Limited) reports that earnings will be substantially higher for its last half year. The statement reads:
       Further to the trading statement released by the Company on SENS on 17 April 2019, shareholders are hereby advised that for the six-month period ended 31 March 2019, Pepkor expects:
   - Earnings per share will be between 48.7 cents and 55.9 cents, being between 34.4% and 54.4% higher than the 36.2 cents reported for the previous corresponding reporting period; and
   - Headline earnings per share will be between 48.6 cents and 55.8 cents, being between 34.1% and 54.1% higher than the 36.2 cents reported for the previous corresponding reporting period.        Pepkor's results for the six months ended 31 March 2019 are expected to be published on SENS on or about 29 May 2019. A live webcast of the results presentation will be broadcast at 11:00am (SAST) on 29 May 2019.
       A registration link for the webcast will be available closer to the time on the Company's website:


Seeking new pastures

Durban, KZN, SA – Hayley Roberts, former brand merchant for ladies and girls footwear at Mr Price, resigned last month after 13 years with the company. "I don't have anything lined up, but I wanted a new challenge," she said. As footwear design is her passion, it's not hard to guess what she would like to do. She can be reached at



Former Customs auditors jailed for corruption

Pretoria, Gauteng, SA (May 14) – Two former SARS Customs auditors were sentenced to 3 years imprisonment for corruption in Durban, according to a release from SARS. The release read:

Pranesh Maharaj from La Mercy and Reuben Moodley from Newlands West were both caught red-handed with a cash bribe of R100 000 in a brown paper envelope in their pockets in a police operation in March 2018.
The two auditors acknowledged that they had issued a notice to a well-known KwaZulu-Natal businessman in February 2018, advising him of an imminent audit of companies where he was a director. During a follow-up meeting, they solicited a bribe of R200 000 from him “to make his tax problems disappear”.
Later the same day, Maharaj contacted the businessman, asking for an advance payment of R10 000, which was duly paid. Maharaj did not inform Moodley of this arrangement, nor shared the money with him.
The businessman, however, reported the matter to the police. A decision was taken to set up a police trap in terms of section 252A of the Criminal Procedures Act. The businessman provided the cash, which was divided into two envelopes, each containing R100 000.
The Police pounced on the accused as they were walking away, after the businessman handed them the envelopes in the parking lot of the Standard Bank, Kingsmead Branch on 2 March 2018, as was arranged between them.
The Durban Regional Court also sentenced the two auditors an additional two years imprisonment, conditionally suspended for five years. Maharaj offered to repay the R10 000 that was paid to him by the taxpayer.
Both employees resigned during a SARS disciplinary process on in August 2018.
SARS Commissioner Edward Kieswetter welcomed the sentence, adding that there is no place for dishonest employees at SARS.

“We have a zero tolerance for dishonesty and unlawfulness. As we forge ahead on a path of restoring a culture of integrity and service excellence in our institution, we would like to assure citizens that SARS will take harsh measures against employees who betray the public trust,” he said.



More on shoe horns

Further to the information in last week's newsletter, Groundcover Leather Company's Amanda McCarthy writes: "We stock a few long bamboo shoe horns from China, about 50 left  (but I won’t order again). We have about 600 buffalo horn shoe horns from India in stock. We also stock shoe horns made from oak from a friend down in Knysna, to deal directly with Claire - +27 (0)33 330 6092,


They Said It

"Emails? I don't read emails." - Stahl leather technician Ulf Oehl, on why he went to the wrong venue - last year's venue - for the SLTC Convention over the weekend, then had to phone the president to ask where everyone was. What makes it a little more embarrassing is that he is also the SLTC vice president. All correspondence with him may in future have to go by post.



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Exchange rates


  Euro € GBP £ US $ Yuan Renminbi ¥
05/01/2019 R15.94 R17.79 R13.99 R2.03
12/01/2019 R15.86 R17.76 R13.83 R2.04
19/01/2019 R15.76 R17.85 R13.87 R2.04
26/01/2019 R15.52 R17.97 R13.60 R2.01
02/02/2019 R15.26 R17.42 R13.32 R1.97
09/02/2019 R15.46 R17.66 R13.65 R2.02
16/02/2019 R15.90 R18.15 R14.09 R2.08
23/02/2019 R15.90 R18.32 R14.04 R2.09
02/03/2019 R16.17 R18.77 R14.22 R2.12
09/03/2019 R16.22 R18.79 R14.43 R2.14
16/03/2019 R16.31 R19.15 R14.40 R2.14
25/03/2019 R16.31 R19.02 R14.42 R2.14
30/03/2019 R16.26 R18.90 R14.49 R2.15
06/04/2019 R15.80 R18.36 R14.09 R2.09
13/04/2019 R15.76 R18.24 R13.95 R2.08
20/04/2019 R15.86 R18.33 R14.10 R2.10
27/04/2019 R16.03 R18.56 R14.37 R2.13
04/05/2019 R16.08 R18.88 R14.34 R2.13
11/05/2019 R15.91 R18.40 R14.16 R2.07
18/05/2019 R16.09 R18.32 R14.41 R2.08
Note: For previous rates, see HERE




ABSA Agri Trends 03/05: Hides & skins prices

Domestic hide prices declined by 6.2% compared to last week's price of R1.82/kg. NB* Hide prices are determined by the average of the RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) and independent companies. Dorper skins traded up by 3% week-on- week; prices are up by 17.2% compared to last year.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
18/01 3.94 33.75 81.67
25/01 2.89 31.11 92.78
01/02 2.83 30.63 87.50
05/02 2.53    
13/02 2.95    
15/02 2.95 25.83 62.01
19/02 2.01    
22/02 2.00 31.88 49.21
26/02 2.04    
01/03 2.04 30.00 45.21
14/03 1.63    
20/03 1.60    
27/03 1.67    
10/04 1.68    
24/04 1.78    
26/04 1.49 32.50  
03/05 1.82    
For previous prices, see HERE


20/05/1934: Diana Beckley, retired, formerly agent, Durban.
21/05/1949: Norman Norris, retired, formerly Urban Zone, Randburg.
21/05/1949: Donald Blanshard, Foot Fashion, Johannesburg.
22/05/1958: Craig Wells, Sidison Footwear Cape Town.
22/05/1972: Cindy Dunbar, Naked Feet, Durban.
22/05/19??: Dr Willem Burger, SAOBC Ostrich Research, Oudtshoorn.
22/05/1973: Farai Musungwa, Safety-Quip Botswana, Francistown.
23/05/1950: Dean Padayachee, Daylan Footwear, Durban.
23/05/1965: Craig Harper, left the industry, formerly Egoli Gumboots, Amanzimtoti.
24/05/1965: Wayne Stanford, agent, East London.
24/05/1970: Carla Maritz, Mott! Shu’s, Pretoria.
25/05/1961: Gerald Naidoo, National Bargaining Council, Durban.
26/05/1951: Wessel Nolte, formerly Cedar Shoes & Accessories (closed), Bloemfontein.
26/05/1966: Manoj Morar, Impressions, Vryheid.


In Memoriam this week

23/05/2012: Chris van der Merwe, Oasis Tanning, Krugersdorp.
24/05/2013: Casper Louw (b. 11/04/1944), Busy Bag [closed], Stanger.

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