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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.5 No.25, June 24, 2019

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Retail last week

Comment from 5 retailers on Saturday
"After 4 years of decline, we took a decision in March to phase out clothing and footwear. We have switched to home decor." - Firoze Dhorat, Dimensions, Westonaria, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 1 store, formerly a men's outfitter.

"We're an old company, and we're OK. Some days are quiet, some days are fine." - Bhupat Kara, member, Dino's Man's Shop, Tongaat, KZN, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's outfitter.

"It's been very poor. We haven't had a very good month, but this week has been one of the worst we've ever had. Potch is principally a student town, but we don't really cater for students, which makes it a tough place to do business. But I live here, and I'm not going anywhere." - Issy Hassim, proprietor, Dino's Footwear, Potchefstroom, NW Province, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's and women's footwear.

"It's been up and down, like it has been for the past 4 months, with a good day and then a bad day. There's no pattern, but I'm sure it will change. We been here since 1982, so we've seen the trends." - Gigi Stella, manager, Diplomat Luggage & Gifts, Sandton City, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 3 stores, travel goods specialist.

"Terrible - worse than the previous week. In fact, one of the worst weeks in forever, and I don't know why." - Mitesh Daya, member, Florida Tailors, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA. Independent, 1 store, men's boutique and wedding specialist.



4th Cape Town leather industry manufacturer to close in little over 2 years

Cape Town, W Cape, SA – Jensen Belts, which went into voluntary liquidation on May 28, owes around R11 million, a source close to the business said over the weekend. He said the 120-odd staff only learnt of the liquidation on June 4, from union officials.
       MD Chris O'Connor on Friday wrote: "We are still trading, however we are in a troubled economy with a lot of uphill challenges facing any business. Jensen Belts (Pty) Ltd, was formed in 1952 to manufacture fashion belts and accessories. Unfortunately the business has not been immune to the dire local and global economic conditions and as a result, the business profitability is not there and there is no growth or sustainability. Therefore we have gone into liquidation with the entire business facing closure and very sadly everyone losing their jobs. Creditors have been notified as stated in your previous newsletter and we are working daily through the process."
       Jensen is the fourth significant Cape Town leather industry company to close in little over 2 years - Über Gruvi closed in 2017, Chic Shoes closed last year, and Green Cross - which last year announced its intention to close, did so earlier this year. All had received substantial assistance from the IDC, and S&V has asked the IDC whether it needs to relook at its funding programme.



State footwear tender awarded

Pretoria, Gauteng, SA – The annual RT59 tender for footwear for the State was awarded by National Treasury on Thursday last week, Dorah Kgotse, director: transversal contracts, confirmed on Friday, but details of the tender were not available on Treasury's website.


They Said It

"You can't improve a situation if you have an inflexible mindset." - Peter Maree, Corrida Shoes founder, during an interview for The Story Behind The Brand, a new series in S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine.

Last night as I lay sleeping, I died or so it seemed.
Then I went to Heaven, but only in my dream.
Up there St Peter met me, standing at the Pearly Gates.
He said “I must check your records, please stand here and wait”.
He turned and said “Your record is covered with terrible flaws”.
"On earth I see you rallied for every losing cause.
"I see that you smoked And drank alcohol too.
"Fact is you’ve done everything a good person should never do.
"We can’t have people like you up here, your life was full of sin."
Then he read the last line of my record, took my hand and said “Come in”.
He lead me up to the big boss and said “Take him in and treat him well.
"He used to be a LEATHER TRADER. He’s done HIS  time in HELL."
- Jerome Ingenhoes, accounts manager, Exotan, Port Elizabeth, E Cape, SA.



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Exchange rates


  Euro € GBP £ US $ Yuan Renminbi ¥
05/01/2019 R15.94 R17.79 R13.99 R2.03
12/01/2019 R15.86 R17.76 R13.83 R2.04
19/01/2019 R15.76 R17.85 R13.87 R2.04
26/01/2019 R15.52 R17.97 R13.60 R2.01
02/02/2019 R15.26 R17.42 R13.32 R1.97
09/02/2019 R15.46 R17.66 R13.65 R2.02
16/02/2019 R15.90 R18.15 R14.09 R2.08
23/02/2019 R15.90 R18.32 R14.04 R2.09
02/03/2019 R16.17 R18.77 R14.22 R2.12
09/03/2019 R16.22 R18.79 R14.43 R2.14
16/03/2019 R16.31 R19.15 R14.40 R2.14
25/03/2019 R16.31 R19.02 R14.42 R2.14
30/03/2019 R16.26 R18.90 R14.49 R2.15
06/04/2019 R15.80 R18.36 R14.09 R2.09
13/04/2019 R15.76 R18.24 R13.95 R2.08
20/04/2019 R15.86 R18.33 R14.10 R2.10
27/04/2019 R16.03 R18.56 R14.37 R2.13
04/05/2019 R16.08 R18.88 R14.34 R2.13
11/05/2019 R15.91 R18.40 R14.16 R2.07
18/05/2019 R16.09 R18.32 R14.41 R2.08
25/05/2019 R16.15 R18.32 R14.41 R2.08
01/06/2019 R16.28 R18.41 R14.57 R2.11
08/06/2019 R16.95 R19.03 R14.94 R2.16
15/06/2019 R16.61 R18.65 R14.81 R2.14
22/06/2019 R16.30 R18.24 R14.32 R2.08
Note: For previous rates, see HERE




ABSA Agri Trends 18/06: Hides & skins prices

Bovine hides R1.68/kg. NB* Hide prices are determined by the average of the RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) and independent companies. Dorper skins: R25.83/skin.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
18/01 3.94 33.75 81.67
25/01 2.89 31.11 92.78
01/02 2.83 30.63 87.50
05/02 2.53    
13/02 2.95    
15/02 2.95 25.83 62.01
19/02 2.01    
22/02 2.00 31.88 49.21
26/02 2.04    
01/03 2.04 30.00 45.21
14/03 1.63    
20/03 1.60    
27/03 1.67    
10/04 1.68    
24/04 1.78    
26/04 1.49 32.50  
03/05 1.82    
17/05 2.05 34.00  
21/05 1.72    
24/05 1.72 36.67  
28/05 1.74    
31/05 1.74 32.50 48.75
10/06 1.68 41.90  
14/06   25.83 38.57
For previous prices, see HERE


24/06/1956: Dhirendra Bhoola, Modern Tailors/Danny's Outfitters/Hardy's/Benares, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA.
24/06/1968: Meshi Sunker, Soviet Group, Johannesburg.
24/06/1978: Ashveer Kallichurum, Shoe Component Supplies, KwaDukuza.
25/06/1976: Scott Croney, agent, East London.
25/06/1983: Sylvia Steyn, Fashion House Rules, Johannesburg.
26/06/1935: Jurgen Wedekind, retired, formerly Bellstedt, Durban.
26/06/1945: John ‘Zorb’ Caryer, retired, formerly Camdeboo Meat Processing, Graaff Reinet.
26/06/1956: Beau Rynhoud, RR Chemicals, Edenvale.
27/06/????: Mpho Ramoshaba, the DTI, Pretoria.
28/06/1948: Joan Furner, retired, formerly Shoe Style, Johannesburg.
28/06/1957: AH Bulbulia, ?, formerly Papa Shoes/Bulhafi Shoes, Pretoria.
28/06/1975: Zane Ashraf, Foot Style, Durban.
30/06/1948: John Ashworth, Little Slipper, Port Elizabeth.


In Memoriam this week

24/06/1995: Anand Singh, Angel Footwear Manufacturers, Durban.
25/06/2002: Gerald Haug (b. 28/01/1924), Bondseal [closed], Pinetown.
27/06/2015: Dave Bromfield (b. 19/11/1946), Apeco, Pinetown.
28/06/1996: Geoff Hirsch, S&V, Durban.
29/06/2014: Joe Vivian (b. 02/11/1928), agent, Cape Town.

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