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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.7 No.23, June 7 2021

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GST Seton rebrands as Pangea

Rochester Hills, Mich., U.S.A. (June 2, 2021) – Global automotive leather components producer GST Seton AutoLeather, which includes Nigel-based SA subsidiary Seton SA, last week announced that it had renamed the company Pangea Made, Inc.
      A new website,, is operating, and the old website has been taken down.
      In a release, Pangea president and CEO Randy Johnson said: “Our goal in the reinvention of our company was to select a name that embodies connectedness. The literal translation of Pangea is that we are all connected – reinforcing our philosophy that our name and product connects to the earth and to our global team of artisans who make it. Our strategy is to continue building on that theme as we partner with our customers and suppliers to drive the future of mobility interiors – creating immersive surface materials that are innovative and sustainable, while still retaining the inherent beauty and genuineness of leather.”
      Pangea, also spelt Pangeae, was the name of the 'supercontinent', made up of all the present continents, which existed between 335 million and 175 million years ago before breaking up.


Outfitters launching their own online

Pretoria, Gauteng, SA – The group of Pretoria men's outfitters trading as Modern Tailors & Outfitters, Danny's Outfitters, Hardy's Outfitters and Benares Tailors is launching its own online portal, branded Modern4U.
      "I wasn't against it," said Dhirendra Bhoola, a partner with his brother and daughter in the group, "but I was very wary. It'll have to be very carefully managed."
      The portal will promote the stockholding of Modern, Danny's and Hardy's, each managed by one of the partners. Benares, where his non-family partner is retiring, will be sold or closed.
      Currently, the online offering covers 5 brands - GH Bass, Florsheim and Sebago (all footwear only), and Levi's and Polo (clothing only).
      The stores have a much broader range of brands, and are targeted at different market segments; Danny's, which he runs, caters mostly for older men, and formal wear - in footwear, Crockett & Jones and Florsheim - is a higher percentage of its trade than lifestyle. Hardy's, run by his brother, Pradeep, is the reverse.
      While they await the impact of online, he said the group's normal retail operations were "quite a big seesaw".
      "April was a disaster. Some days, when you expect good trade, nothing happens. Other days, which would normally be quiet, are busy. Last week was fairly decent. This week started slowly, but has picked up."
      He said the stores' main street locations were probably helping. "Speaking to other independents who have mall stores, it seems they're finding it quite tough, while we're still doing okay."
      One of the factors is rent. The group owns its Modern and Benares properties on share block schemes. Danny's landlord gave it 2 months rent-free last year, and hasn't increased it this year, "but unfortunately we didn't get any rent concessions at Hardy's".
      In Danny's case, the customer base was also an advantage, because "the older customer is more likely to still be in employment".
      He said the decision by Nike and Adidas to close their account "has been a bit of a blessing in disguise", and that they were clearing that stock.
      "We've bought a bit more Puma, Converse has brought out a range with more cosmetics, and Superga does okay. We're looking at other brands as well.
      "One trend is that we haven't been able to sell a single pair of Vans for months, even at reduced prices. I think it's just a cycle. Even Converse goes through them from time to time."
      He said business had changed. "Yes, we're in it to make money, but overall that's become secondary. Now it's about the challenges you face and how to resolve them, ensuring customer satisfaction and that the system functions the way you want it to."



They Said It

"From a sales point of view we can’t complain; we would even make some profits out of it, if the Rand stops getting stronger by the day and having no problems with shipping and harbours." - Volker Gundert of leather chemicals supplier TST Agencies on business conditions.

"Load shedding. Alarm needs to be reset. How come you're up? Old age catching up?" - Agent Ian Gordon, explaining why he was responding immediately to an email at 04h00. Never mind why I was up. HIS reason for being up at that time is a sad reminder of how much has to be fixed in SA.


Directory and Calendar updates

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Got anything you'd like to share?

Do you have any suggestions, comments or experiences about the lockdown that you'd like to share with the industry? We will publish the throughout the lockdown, so please let us know. -


07/06/1984: Clenton Govender, Prisaan Footwear, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
08/06/1955: Brad Lemkus, retired, formerly Hi-Tec, Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.
09/06/1957: Willem Fourie, Images, Bloemfontein, Free State, SA.
09/06/1989: Noushard Mahomed Hoosen, Director-Marketing, Paris Belts, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
10/06/1951: Marthus Louw, retired, formerly Bolton Footwear, Great Brak River, W. Cape, SA.
10/06/1955: Piet Kleyn, acting CEO, SA Ostrich Business Chamber, Oudtshoorn, W. Cape, SA.
10/06/1961: Richard Turner, emigrated, formerly Bolton Footwear, Great Brak River, W. Cape, SA.
10/06/1983: Jarod Grossberg, G-Step, Durban, KZN, SA.
11/06/1948: Basie Vermaak, retired, formerly Watson Shoes, Great Brak River, W. Cape, SA.
12/06/1954: Frieda Maisey, left the industry, formerly Brondean Agencies, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
13/06/1943: Peter Book, retired, formerly Woodheads, Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.
13/06/1950: Maria Caldeira, Solemates, East Rand, Gauteng, SA.
13/06/1966: Benedict Plaatjies, Leather from Hart, Pietermaritzburg, KZN, SA.
13/06/1974: Stuart Worrall, Elan-Polo, Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.


In Memoriam this week

09/06/2002: Howard ‘Snowy’ Vaubell, Crown Footwear, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
09/06/2003: Dr Stanley Shuttleworth (b. 1911), LIRI [closed] founder, Grahamstown, E. Cape, SA.
12/06/2004: Neville Williams (b. 04/1945), Cameo Components/Central Components [closed], Pinetown, KZN, SA.

Have you let us know about your birthday, or the birthdays of your colleagues? Our readers love this section, so please become part of it. This also applies to the In Memoriam section. Help us remember former colleagues.




Exchange rates

1. SA Rand (ZAR)/Lesotho Loti (LSL)/Namibian Dollar (NAD)/Swazi Lilangeni (SZL)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
2021/04/10 R17.38 R20.01 R14.60 R2.22
2021/04/17 R17.15 R19.80 R14.31 R2.19
2021/04/24 R17.26 R19.81 R14.27 R2.19
2021/05/01 R17.43 R20.03 R14.49 R2.23
2021/05/08 R17.10 R19.67 R14.06 R2.18
2021/05/15 R17.16 R19.92 R14.13 R2.19
2021/05/22 R17.00 R19.75 R13.96 R2.16
2021/05/29 R16.79 R19.56 R13.77 R2.16
2021/06/05 R16.84 R19.49 R13.76 R2.15

Note: For previous rates, see HERE


2. Botswana Pula (BWP)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
2021/04/10 BWP13.13 BWP15.12 BWP11.03 BWP1.68
2021/04/17 BWP12.98 BWP14.98 BWP10.83 BWP1.66
2021/04/24 BWP13.09 BWP15.03 BWP10.82 BWP1.66
2021/05/01 BWP12.98 BWP14.92 BWP10.80 BWP1.66
2021/05/08 BWP13.16 BWP15.13 BWP10.82 BWP1.68
2021/05/15 BWP13.04 BWP15.14 BWP10.74 BWP1.66
2021/05/22 BWP13.06 BWP15.18 BWP10.73 BWP1.66
2021/05/29 BWP12.97 BWP15.10 BWP10.63 BWP1.67
2021/06/05 BWP13.01 BWP15.05 BWP10.62 BWP1.66

3. Malawian Kwacha (MWK)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
2021/04/10 MWK935.73 MWK1077.61 MWK786.22 MWK119.97
2021/04/17 MWK945.86 MWK1092.19 MWK789.44 MWK121.06
2021/04/24 MWK957.69 MWK1098.87 MWK791.67 MWK121.88
2021/05/01 MWK953.33 MWK1095.68 MWK793.00 MWK122.47
2021/05/08 MWK962.89 MWK1107.41 MWK791.61 MWK123.08
2021/05/15 MWK969.29 MWK1125.06 MWK798.15 MWK123.99
2021/05/22 MWK968.84 MWK1125.67 MWK795.46 MWK123.62
2021/05/29 MWK963.70 MWK1122.37 MWK790.24 MWK124.09
2021/06/05 MWK970.94 MWK1129.95 MWK798.14 MWK124.80

4. Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
2021/04/10 ZMW26.47 ZMW30.48 ZMW22.24 ZMW3.39
2021/04/17 ZMW26.56 ZMW30.67 ZMW22.17 ZMW3.40
2021/04/24 ZMW27.01 ZMW30.99 ZMW22.33 ZMW3.43
2021/05/01 ZMW26.75 ZMW30.75 ZMW22.25 ZMW3.43
2021/05/08 ZMW27.29 ZMW31.39 ZMW22.44 ZMW3.48
2021/05/15 ZMW27.32 ZMW31.71 ZMW22.50 ZMW3.49
2021/05/22 ZMW27.44 ZMW31.88 ZMW22.53 ZMW3.50
2021/05/29 ZMW27.42 ZMW31.93 ZMW22.48 ZMW3.53
2021/06/05 ZMW27.51 ZMW32.02 ZMW22.61 ZMW3.53

5. Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL$)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥ Official US$
2021/04/10 ZWL$430.72 ZWL$496.02 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$55.22 ZWL$84.39
2021/04/17 ZWL$433.60 ZWL$500.68 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$55.49 ZWL$84.48
2021/04/24 ZWL$437.80 ZWL$502.33 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$55.71 ZWL$84.48
2021/05/01 ZWL$437.07 ZWL$500.03 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$55.89 ZWL$84.50
2021/05/08 ZWL$440.20 ZWL$506.27 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$56.26 ZWL$84.52
2021/05/15 ZWL$439.50 ZWL$510.12 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$56.22 ZWL$84.61
2021/05/22 ZWL$440.78 ZWL$512.13 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$56.24 ZWL$84.64
2021/05/29 ZWL$441.28 ZWL$513.93 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$56.82 ZWL$84.72
2021/06/05 ZWL$440.25 ZWL$512.35 ZWL$361.90 ZWL$56.59 ZWL$84.76





ABSA Agri Trends: Hides & skins prices

Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA (June 3, 2021) - The current average hide price increased by 2.4% to R7.65/kg from R7.47/kg a week ago. The current price is 1.3% higher than the average price a month ago and is 969.9% higher than the average price a year ago. Market stakeholders are noting that supplies are tightening. NB* Hide prices are determined by the average of the RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) and independent companies. - Abrie Rautenbach, head Absa agribusiness, Marlene Louw, senior agricultural economist, Absa group.

Hide & skin price progression
Date Hides/Kg Dorper/Skin Merino Skin
2020/11/06 2.36 26.00 44.00
2020/11/13 2.38 23.59 40.00
2020/11/20 2.69 35.00 50.00
2020/11/27 3.08 36.00 49.00
2020/12/04 3.65 34.03 49.00
2020/12/11 3.68 33.21 50.83
2020/12/18 3.93 32.59 51.67
2021/12/25 4.08 34.39 51.67
2021/01/01 3.93 34.03 54.00
2021/01/08 3.88 31.43 46.43
2021/01/15 4.03 31.43 46.43
2021/01/22 4.16 30.00 47.00
2021/01/29 4.04 33.05 50.83
2021/02/05 3.86 31.41 45.71
2021/02/12 4.33 35.46 45.83
2021/02/19 4.29 34.49 50.00
2021/02/26 4.94 34.70 47.50
2021/03/05 5.67 38.33 51.67
2021/03/12 4.80 42.50 59.17
2021/03/19 4.99 35.74 52.86
2021/03/26 6.33 35.16 55.00
2021/04/02 6.50 31.83 49.00
2021/04/16 8.98 37.44 50.00
2021/04/22 8.37    
2021/04/29 8.98 40.96 62.00
2021/05/06 7.56 40.96 62.00
2021/05/24 7.82 40.83 61.67
2021/05/28 7.47    
Note: For previous prices, see HERE


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