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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.8 No.26, June 27 2022

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Because of the impending 'Day Zero' in Port Elizabeth, S&V concentrated its retail interviews this week on the city. None of those spoken to listed the water crisis as much of a factor affecting business. We will report on the effect of the drought on tanneries and footwear and leather goods manufacturers in the July issues of S&V African Leather and S&V Footwear & Leather Goods.

Port Elizabeth: Sports retail doing well, but those targeting lower income groups battling

Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA – Business has been "very tough", said Nims Parshotam, wife of Ace Outfitters director Dinesh Parshotam. She said the situation in Port Elizabeth was perhaps worse than in other areas because of the drought, but that "the cost of living has reduced disposable income - people have to choose between food and everything else". However, she said Ace had decided not to cheapen its product line. "Our goal is good quality at good price points."

Trade has "picked up substantially, especially on the equipment side", with the re-opening of team sports, Action Sports member Theo Koutsoudis said. "Footwear did well even during the lockdowns because people were doing more individual exercising," he said. Supply has been and remains an issue, with delayed deliveries from the Far East.

"The last 2 weeks have been very, very quiet," said City Steppers proprietor Ridwaan Tickly. "The week of 6 to 11 June was very good, but from the 13th it's been dead." Tickly is a relatively recent arrival in Port Elizabeth, having arrived from Zeerust in North West Province 7 years ago. "There's not a lot of money here," he said, "but it's a very nice place to live - very safe, nice atmosphere".

"June has been very good for us," said Brian Bands Sports director Michael Bester. "Inter-provincial tournaments are back, and parents are rewarding their kids with new equipment or shoes." He said the business had also benefitted from being "pretty well stocked in a poorly stocked scenario". "We've had a bit of luck and we also had the right stock on back order, and when suppliers have called and said 'such-and-such has arrived', we've taken it with both hands."

The repair business has been affected by general economic conditions, said Naren Navsaria, member of Navsaria Expert Shoe & Bag Repairs. "Yes, people want to get their shoes repaired," he said, "but when you ask for a deposit, they don't have the money. I want the business, and sometimes I take the risk, but it is a gamble." Navsaria has broadened its services, to include repairs to leather jackets, biker boots and even clothing. "We're trying everything," he said, "and it is making a small difference." Navsaria previously also sold new goods, but he didn't see that as an option because he didn't have space. He said the water shortage hadn't affected business, but load shedding definitely had.




Synthetic upper material prices to rise

An announcement by the China Artificial Leather Association, forwarded by Garth Ribbink of synthetic upper material wholesaler A. Greenaways (Natal), has outlined price increases caused by rising input costs.
      It said recent raw material and energy price increases had raised production costs. "After discussion, we have decided to adjust the price of PU leather for bags, garments and shoes."
      Below 1.0 mm thickness, the price has increased by RMB1.0 or more per metre. For thicknesses of 1.0-1.2 mm, prices have increased by RMB1.5 or more per metre, and for thicknesses over 1.2 mm, prices have increased by RMB2.0 or more per metre.
      "Other special materials, like microfibre or high/thick product [will be adjusted] according to the cost."
      It said the increases were applicable from 18 June.
      Ribbink said the price locally had not yet risen, "but give it a few weeks and I will be in a position to advise".



Wage negotiations

Tanning still not settled

Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA – The parties in the Tanning Sector didn't reach agreement at the conciliation held on 23 June, Gerald Naidoo, general secretary of the National Bargaining Council of the Leather Industry of SA, reported. He said the conciliation would resume on 04 July.


In case you missed it!

The latest issue of S&V Protect Magazine


03 Upfront
- The scrapping of the mandatory use of facemasks in indoor public areas, along with other lockdown laws, shouldn't have much effect on the PPE industry, says BBF Safety Group's Deane Nothard, but there is still the issue of huge quantities of dumped FFP2/N95 masks which were being sold as basic facemasks - what happens with them now?
- DOT's gumboot factory closed.

04 Safety Footwear
- Nearly 25% of safety footwear inspected by the National Regulator for Compulsory Standards last year was non-compliant, the NRCS tells the industry.
- Hi-Tec's Interceptor Safiri - designed for adventure.

10 Bullet Resistant Vests
- What criteria to use when buying BRVs - the 5th in a series by Deon du Plessis of Bullet Proofing Technology.

12 Disease Control
- Finnish company AFFIX Laboratories is trialling an insect repellent spray aimed at fighting malaria, in Somalia and South Africa. It's different from other approaches because it is ALSO environmentally friendly.

13 Working at Height
- BBF Safety Group's Vanessa Ronald explains the special needs of women in this field.

14 Local Production
- Leveraging the brand: How BBF has expanded from safety footwear into various categories of PPE, and has done so through local production.

15 Health
- Obesity: There's nothing jolly about being overweight, says Bonitas' Dr Morgan Mkhatshwa.

16 Food Security
- Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development has introduced a phytosanitary e-certification system.
- Global supply chain woes 'raise risk of food poisoning', says pork products producer Eskort.

17 Legal Issues
- Competition Commission versus Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau and others.
- A health & safety training provider 'can help companies comply with legislation and embark on a holistic training journey', says Natalie Pitout of KBC Health & Safety.

19 Substance Abuse
- Testing for cannabis in the workplace 'is just as crucial as testing for alcohol', says Rhys Evans of ALCO-Safe.

20 Innovations - The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and University of Hong Kong
- Communication: Temporary, local 5-G network to help fight forest fires.
- Artificial intelligence: RoboGrinder.
- Monitoring: Smart screws keep bridges, machines and wind turbines safe.
- Unique measurement technology: New hope for cancer treatment.
- Sustainable agriculture: Disinfecting seeds safety and sustainably using electron treatment.
- Medical: In-body robots bring benefits.

24 Buyers' Guide
- What's on offer.

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They Said It

"With all the load shedding, cyber lines do funny things." - Michael Bester, Brian Bands Sports, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA, after learning of Telkom's recorded message that the business's land line doesn't exist. It does, but if you can't get through, email the contact form on their website,



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27/06/19??: Mpho Ramoshaba, the DTI, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA.
28/06/1948: Joan Furner, retired, formerly Shoe Style, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
28/06/1957: AH Bulbulia, ?, formerly Papa Shoes/Bulhafi Shoes, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA.
28/06/1975: Zane Ashraf, Foot Style, Durban, KZN, SA.
29/06/1947: Saeed Bux, Elahi Footwear, Durban, KZN, SA.
30/06/1948: John Ashworth, Little Slipper, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
30/06/1964: Raj Singh, Mr Price, Durban, KZN, SA.
01/07/1953: Bobby Janky, retired, formerly Michelle Footwear, Durban, KZN, SA.
01/07/1963: Tommy Sharma, Bata SA, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
02/07/1949: Maria Augusta Craveiro, Goosie’s, Ladybrand, Free State, SA.
02/07/1959: Leo Greef, formerly Southern Hemisphere Trading Trust, Uitenhage, E. Cape, SA.
02/07/1967: Yusuf Vadi, The Cross Trainer, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
02/07/1971: Rajeev Matai, Equator Belt, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
02/07/1971: Suritha Naicker, Ethekwini Leather, Durban, KZN, SA.
03/07/1971: Steven Coetser, Safety Smart, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
03/07/1949: Pieter Coetzee, Assegaay Bosch Ranch, Van Wyksdorp, W. Cape, SA.
03/07/1976: Michelle van Emmenes, Paris Belts, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.


27/06/2015: Dave Bromfield (b. 19/11/1946), Apeco, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
27/06/2019: Ebrahim 'Briggs' Mohamed (b. 29/04/1943), agent, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
28/06/1996: Geoff Hirsch, Leather Publicity Committee, S&V, Durban, KZN, SA.
28/06/2020: Athan 'Saki' Baronos (b. 07/04/1958), E. Baronos Leather Manufacturers, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
29/06/2014: Joe Vivian (b. 02/11/1928), agent, Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.
01/07/2016: Matthew Barnard (b. 07/05/1936), Stanhope Boot & Shoe, Pinetown, KZN, SA.
02/07/1997: Clemente Villani, Villani Shoes, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
02/07/2010: Justin McCarthy (b. 29/01/1958), Groundcover, Curry’s Post, KZN, SA.
02/07/2019: Cecil Hansen (b. 08/01/1936), C.L. Hansen Agencies, Durban, KZN, SA.
03/07/2021: Debbie Ditchfield (b. 15/10/1975), machinery agent, Hillcrest, KZN, SA.

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Directory entries updated last week

Ace Outfitters, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
Action Sports, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
Brian Bands Sports, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
C&R Brand Solutions, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
Component Wholesalers, Durban, KZN, SA.
Eco Rubber, Durban, KZN, SA.
H.J. Goolab & Sons, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA.
Jodam Manufacturers, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
Navsaria Expert Shoe & Bag Repairs, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
Protea Leather Natal, Tongaat, KZN, SA.
Saley's Travel Bags, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.


New subscribers last week

Angelique Caples, Glen's Shoes & More, East London, E. Cape, SA.
Ching Jung, Taipei Liaison Office, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
Mark Ely, Senqu, Durban, KZN, SA.


Exchange rates

Note: For previous rates, see HERE

1. SA Rand (ZAR)/Lesotho Loti (LSL)/Namibian Dollar (NAD)/Swazi Lilangeni (SZL)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
25/06/22 R16.68 R19.39 R15.80 R2.36

2. Botswana Pula (BWP)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
25/06/2022 12.90 15.00 12.22 1.82

3. Malawian Kwacha (MWK)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
25/06/2022 1075.92 1250.88 1019.31 152.34

4. Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
25/06/2022 18.06 20.99 17.11 2.55

5. Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL$)


  Euro € GBP £ CNY ¥ Official US$
25/06/2022 381.99 444.11 54.08 359.72

Note: For previous rates, see HERE






ABSA Agri Trends: Hides & skins prices

Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA (23 June 2022) - The current average hide price remained unchanged at  R4.14/kg from a week ago. The current price is 0.3% lower than the average price a month ago and is 50% lower than the average price a year ago. The range of prices reported was as follows: Minimum price: R4.00 Maximum price: R5.00. Please note: Our methodology weighs the prices we collect according to the number of hides they sell in a month. This is done to make it more representative of the prevailing market price. NB* Hide prices are determined by the average of the RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) and independent companies. - Marlene Louw, senior agricultural economist, and Nkhensani Mashimbyi, agricultural economist, Absa group.

Note: For previous prices, see HERE


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