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The S&V Footwear and Leather Goods Magazine is a monthly digital publication that focuses on the Southern & East African Footwear & Leather Goods industry.

Since its first issue was published in 1935 the publication has been the leading source for news and information relevant to the Southern & East African footwear and leather goods industry. Our editorial staff are well known and respected within the industry and have a depth of industry knowledge and insight honed over many decades. In short we have our finger on the pulse of industry, enabling us to provide current news and information that matters to those involved in the footwear and leather goods trade. Matters related to technology, trade, import, export, manufacturing, design, retail and all other aspects of the industry are reported on regularly, factually and extensively.  

S&V Footwear & Leather Goods Magazine Vol83 No5 May 2020


3 The Virus
- Comment: The idiocy of Level 4 and 'winter footwear'.
- Dick Whittington Shoes: SAPS raid 'a lack of understanding'.
- World Footwear: Global footwear consumption 'to decline by 22.5% in 2020'.

6 Edcon Business Rescue
- Despite everything, suppliers hope Edcon will survive.
- Bolton's Alan Fleetwood: 'It's fairly simple.'
- Caprini's Sanjay Pattundeen: 'Hoping for more business'.
- Eddels' John Comley: 'Its fate will affect the entire industry.'
- Blue Jean Traders' Ronald Sassoon: 'No hard feelings.'
- Bounty Brands' Stefan Rabe: Wait and see.
- Anonymous: 'More risk averse.'

9 Restarting Production
- Saflia's Jirka Vymetal: What we need is clarity.
- Angel Footwear's Ashley Ramlakan: So far, in a small way.
- The Courteney Boot Co.'s Gale Rice: Most in Bulawayo have reopened despite lockdown.
- AFD Industries' Fiona Dale: 'If there are orders, we can start.'
- Palm Footwear's Rajeev Pattundeen: Order book has depleted by 50%.

10 Importers
- Dangee Carken's Robby Stoller: Perhaps this will be the catalyst for change.
- Dale Footwear's Laurence Lotzoff: Everyone will be affected.
- Crown Footwear's Jeremy Nel: Local manufacturing may become more attractive.

11 CTFL Masterplan
- FLIC seeks accurate capacity stats from SA factories, writes Richard Starmer.

12 Recovering From The Lockdown
- Business recovery and cost reduction in a post Covid-19 lockdown economy, by JJ Oosthuysen, turnaround practitioner.

14 Fairs
- A+A: No price increases for 2021 edition.
- Micam prepares for September edition.

15 E-Commerce
- DA: WTO report on e-commerce 'should jolt Patel into action'.

15 Making PPE
- Masks and face shields help keep factories ticking over.
- Sourcing fabric for face masks, by Richard Starmer, FLIC.

16 Trends & Fashion
- Forecasts from Rowan Dorset and Madelein Kearns of Dangee Carken.

17 Notice Board
- Appointment: Charles Atala, secretary of the General Goods, Bags & Leather Employers' Association.
- Obituary: Malcolm Hill, an old school Bata man.

16 Trade
- SARS statistics for March 2020.

Advertisers in this Issue
Creative Leathergoods (7), Dangee Carken (OFC), Florsheim (8), Freestyle (2), OR Leathers (4), Paris Belts (3 and 5), Shoepack (6).

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- Insights into street trading in Durban's CBD.

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