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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.6 No.02, January 13, 2020

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Many of our readers have started again today. Be positive. Eskom's problems are being tackled. The country is hungry for improvement.


Retail last week

4 mini-chains
"It's started very, very slow. There's a bit of movement on school shoes, but where I used to sell a lot of Green Cross, people are opting for cheaper brands. On the other hand, December was much better than the previous year, when we were badly affected by strikes on the mines. The only problem was load shedding in the first half of the month." - Mohammed Laher, proprietor, Best Shop, Ebony Family Fashions, Ebony Feet, M&H and Melz, Carletonville, NW Province, SA. Mini-chain, men's outfitters and women's footwear.

"Business really picked up after the 27th of December, and we were getting our R40 000/R50 000 days which we would previously have expected before Christmas. Overall December was probably on a par with 2018, which wasn't great because of the water situation in Cape Town. So far January has been good, though each store has a different story to tell. I'm feeling really positive at the moment - we will be closing one of our stores when the least expires, but we will be launching our online business." - Amanda Kamhoot, director, Just Cruizin, Cape Town, W Cape, SA. Mini-chain, men's and women's casual clothing and accessories.

"The year has started slowly, and December was also not that great compared to 2018." - Azaz Patel, manager, Kelly's Shoe Store, Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, SA. Mini-chain, family footwear.

"We actually had quite a good year last year until December, which was 8.5% down on 2018. Load shedding hit us, and after the 15th there was no chance of catching up. One factor that has affected us has been the drop in the kiddies' trade, which has dropped 40% to 50% over the past 4 years, where the men's trade has been consistent. This month, stores which carry lines that can be used for school have been doing quite well - our town stores are doing better than our mall stores, when its normally the other way round." - Gavin Frances, director, Valortrade, Bloemfontein, Free State. Mini-chain, men's outfitter.




Cape Town, W Cape, SA – Former Adidas retail executive Warren Bowers has joined Bounty Brands as MD of the apparel division. He replaces Colin Lange, who has retired.


They Said It

"We're all kinds of dinosaurs ourselves, so we're getting in some bright young things to help." - Amanda Kamhoot, director of mini-chain Just Cruizin, on setting up online retailing.




"As sellers and brands strive to deliver a more compelling sales experience than their competition, the most successful companies are turning to data analytics to better understand how their customers will react to new products." - Sourcing Journal, 2020/01/09


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Exchange rates


  Euro € GBP £ US $ Yuan Renminbi ¥
2020/01/04 R15.97 R18.71 R14.31 R2.05
2020/01/11 R15.97 R18.76 R14.36 R2.07
Note: For previous rates, see HERE




ABSA Agri Trends: Hides & skins prices

Hides: We have not received any prices so far for 2020. Note: For previous prices, see HERE


13/01/1958: Dr Karl-Rudolf Gassen, Lanxess SA, Johannesburg.
13/01/1966: Farhad Fakir, Tasmo Agencies, Johannesburg.
13/01/1986: Dan Carpenter, Chillisource, Durban.
14/01/19??: Sylvia De Gouveia, Fashion Centre, Kroonstad.
14/01/1947: Billy Robinson, retired, formerly Billy Bob Trading [closed], Durban.
14/01/1960: Yusuf Tikly, Legends, Zeerust.
15/01/19??: Vimal Ambaram, JFK Trading, Durban.
17/01/1949: Carol Mentor, retired, formerly NULAW, Cape Town.
17/01/1961: Gita Chetty, Angelai’s, Durban.
18/01/1977: Guy Millar, Rags on Trend, Midrand.
19/01/1960: Saleem Khamissa, His Place, Port Shepstone.


In Memoriam this week

14/01/2004: Louis Nossel (b. 01/12/1931), Dolltown Shoes [closed], Pinetown.
14/01/2017: Donald Taisekwa Mandirahwe (b. 29/09/1942), Cathula Sandals, Harare.
16/01/2000: Brenda Fairhead, Fairhead’s [closed], Cape Town.
16/01/2004: Derek Funnell (b. 07/10/1938), Carl Freudenberg/DB Funnell Leathers, Cape Town.
17/01/2012: Graham Pearson (b. 16/01/1929), Apeco, Pinetown.
18/01/2002: Frank Mellon (b. 04/02/1930), Valmell Components, Durban.
19/01/????: Thomas Anthony (Tony) O’Sullivan (b.08/06/1928), Vogue Shoes and others [closed], Cape Town.

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Bryant's, East London, E Cape, SA. Men's outfitting mini-chain.
Buccaneer Shoes, Cape Town, W Cape, SA. School shoe manufacturer.


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Robbie Thorne, with 30 years' sales experience in the footwear industry, seeks a sales position. Equally at home with components and finished footwear. Whatever your product, I will do it justice. Please call 072 633 2258.


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