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S&V Weekly Newsletter Vol.8 No.02, January 10 2022

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We wish all readers a very happy, peaceful and profitable New Year.



SA retailers 'prepared to take stock delayed by Far East issues'

Cape Town, W. Cape, SA – On 03 January, Footwear News speculated on the effects of late deliveries as follows:
As the new year kicks off, these chains will likely continue to benefit from the port congestion, factory shutdowns and labour shortages that prevented many retailers from receiving inventory in time for various shopping events. As a result, many of these companies cancelled their orders, leaving containers up for grabs for off-price chains that rely on overstocks and cancellations to make up the bulk of their inventory.

We asked several branded sportswear distributors whether this is relevant for SA. Kevin Jooste of Adidas replied:

"Don’t believe this is relevant for SA. Locally all brands are experiencing Vietnam production issues (focused on Ftw mainly), their lockdown in h2 2021 has resulted in delays and cancellations in Q4 2021 and Q1 2022. But cancellations are done at source before raw materials have been procured and we are working closing with our retail partners in order to get delayed products to them ASAP. There has been a general willingness to take their delayed stock when it arrives by our partners."


Back to school

Palm: Raring to go

By Rajeev Pattundeen, MD
Durban, KZN, SA – We open 10.1, hence the silence… been in a quiet holiday bubble!
      Our retail partners were adequately stocked in anticipation of a normalised back to school season.
      Feedback received,  is that trade has been buoyant with minimal omicron impact.
        We are ready to replenish Trustees within 8 hours on any business day, starting 10 Jan when we resume production after a much needed break for the Palm Family.


Gem Schoolwear: Positive response

By Idris Pandor, MD
Durban, KZN, SA – Have you had much interest yet from consumers? Yes, definitely .We have had a  positive response to uniform sales this year compared to last year, but sales are still lower than the previous year but we are optimistic for the year ahead.
Is the official reaction to Covid cause for hope for a more normal school year? So far yes,  we hope that 2022 will be a more normal year with learners attending to school full time and participating in sports at school.
Are you having any issues with logistics or anything else? Fortunately Gem Schoolwear, being a local, hands-on manufacturer, wholesaler and retailer we have pre-empted any possible delays and geared up very early with raw materials, trims, generators, etc. so that we can be ahead of the curve. With all the shipping crises we can say that our delays have not been more than 2 to 3 weeks.



Stock Exchange News Services (SENS)

Pepco Group CEO to step down

Cape Town, W. Cape, SA (05 January 2022) – Shareholders are advised that Steinhoff’s subsidiary Pepco Group released an announcement regarding the decision of its Chief Executive Officer, Andy Bond, to step down at the end of March 2022 on health grounds. The announcement is available on the Pepco Group website (


Pepkor - appointment of non-executive director

Cape Town, W. Cape, SA (04 January 2022) – In accordance with paragraphs 3.59(a) and 6.39(a) of the JSE Ld. Listings and Debt Listings Requirements, respectively, the board of directors of the Company wishes to advise shareholders and noteholders that Pieter Erasmus has been appointed as a non-executive director to the Board of Pepkor, with effect from 12 January 2022.


Death notice

Durban, KZN, SA – Ron MacNiven, who started his footwear career at Bata Zimbabwe in then Gwelo, and was most recently with Decofurn here, died yesterday after a long illness, aged 77. An obituary will follow in S&V Footwear & Leather Goods, due out on Friday.



They Said It

"I notice that I have once again made the Weekly Birthday Honours List.  I must say It gives one such a frisson to see one's name in print - especially when it's not at the head of either a summons or a police charge sheet. I hope I may be forgiven for making the rather melancholy observation though :  that this week I recognised more names from ' in Memoriam '  than in the ' Birthdays' list ! I wish you and yours a great New Year Tony, along with all my old comrades-in-arms that might remember me from my days in the trenches. I'm not a praying man but my thoughts are with our country's footwear industry and everyone involved in it. Fondest regards, 600/2096 LLOYD, D. J. Lance Corporal, 'B' Company, 2nd Battalion, Bata Imperial Guard (Retired)" - Dave Lloyd, Former Bata SA staff member. Could you wish for a more entertaining 'happy New Year' than that?


Got anything you'd like to share?

Do you have any suggestions, comments or experiences about the industry that you'd like to share with the industry? -


10/01/1947: Pieter de Villiers, Shoes & Do’s, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA.
10/01/1955: HR Hassim, Suliman Jooma & Son, Pretoria, Gauteng, SA.
10/01/1982: Arnold Britten, Zambezi Tanners, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
11/01/1954: Dilip Merchant, Merchant’s Outfitters, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
11/01/1958: Michael Prinsloo, Shoelettes, Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.
12/01/1936: Reg Hattingh, agent, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
12/01/1946: Walter Kassier, Eston Leather, Eston, KZN, SA.
12/01/1954: Dave Nagle, agent, Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
12/01/1957: Melanie Thompson, Little Slipper Co., Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
12/01/1969: Lenny Moodley, The Little Slipper Co., Port Elizabeth, E. Cape, SA.
13/01/1958: Dr Karl-Rudolf Gassen, Lanxess SA, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
13/01/1966: Farhad Fakir, Tasmo Agencies, Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA.
13/01/1986: Dan Carpenter, Chillisource, Durban, KZN, SA.
14/01/19??: Sylvia De Gouveia, Fashion Centre, Kroonstad, Free State, SA.
14/01/1947: Billy Robinson, retired, formerly Billy Bob Trading [closed], Durban, KZN, SA.
14/01/1960: Yusuf Tikly, Legends, Zeerust, N.W. Province, SA.
15/01/19??: Vimal Ambaram, JFK Trading, Durban, KZN, SA.


In Memoriam this week

13/01/2021: Rajen Pillay, SOP Trading, Durban, KZN, SA.
14/01/2004: Louis Nossel (b. 01/12/1931), Dolltown Shoes [closed], Pinetown, KZN, SA.
14/01/2017: Donald Taisekwa Mandirahwe (b. 29/09/1942), Cathula Sandals [closed], Harare, Zimbabwe.
14/01/2021: Beeval Kantilal Naran (b. 28/03/1966), Captain Jacob Shoes & Bag Repairs, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.
15/01/2021: Idris Kajee (b. 06/11/1950), Favourite Sports, Newcastle, KZN, SA.
16/01/2000: Brenda Fairhead, Fairhead’s [closed], Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.
16/01/2004: Derek Funnell (b. 07/10/1938), Carl Freudenberg/DB Funnell Leathers, Cape Town, W. Cape, SA.

Have you let us know about your birthday, or the birthdays of your colleagues? Our readers love this section, so please become part of it. This also applies to the In Memoriam section. Help us remember former colleagues.





Exchange rates

1. SA Rand (ZAR)/Lesotho Loti (LSL)/Namibian Dollar (NAD)/Swazi Lilangeni (SZL)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
01/01/22 R18.14 R21.60 R15.95 R2.50
09/01/22 R17.71 R21.18 R15.59 R2.44

Note: For previous rates, see HERE


2. Botswana Pula (BWP)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
01/01/2022 13.38 15.93 11.76 1.85
08/01/2022 13.32 15.93 11.72 1.83

3. Malawian Kwacha (MWK)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
01/01/2022 925.13 1101.66 813.47 128.13
08/01/2022 930.60 1113.00 819.04 128.42

4. Zambian Kwacha (ZMW)


  Euro € GBP £ US $ CNY ¥
01/01/2022 18.95 22.57 16.66 2.62
08/01/2022 19.23 23.00 16.92 2.65

5. Zimbabwean Dollar (ZWL$)


  Euro € GBP £ CNY ¥ Official US$
01/01/2022 411.60 490.18 56.93 108.66
08/01/2022 411.19 491.78 56.74 108.66





ABSA Agri Trends: Hides & skins prices

Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA (15 December 2021) - The current average hide price increased by 3.4% to R5.50/kg from R5.30kg a week ago. The current price is 18% higher than the average price a month ago and is 40% higher than the average price a year ago. The range of prices reported was as follows: Minimum price: R4.94 Maximum price: R5.80. Please note, we have changed our methodology and price levels are not directly comparable to previous prices that we reported on. Our methodology weighs the prices we collect according to the number of hides they sell in a month. This is done to make it more representative of the prevailing market price. NB* Hide prices are determined by the average of the RMAA (Red Meat Abattoir Association) and independent companies. - Marlene Louw, senior agricultural economist, and Nkhensani Mashimbyi, agricultural economist, Absa group.
Note: For previous prices, see HERE


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